Who is the most popular among Nigerian Idol winners?

Do you know who has won the last season of Nigerian Idol? Read this article to find out!

Nigerian Idol is one of the most popular shows in Nigeria. Its ratings are crazily high, and many beginning singers dream to see themselves on the Idol’s scene in front of the whole country. It already had 5 seasons, and every season is more surprising than the previous.

Let us observe the one of Idol’s winners who is currently the most popular!

It’s no wonder that the winner of the last season can be considered as the most known of the show’s contestants. His stage name is K-Peace.


K-Peace claims that the moment of announcing him as a winner was really unexpectable.
“It was like a dream to me. Instantly, the crowd went wild in jubilation and my friends and family members started singing praises to God and dancing uncontrollably. It was a sheer moment of ecstasy! “


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He affirms that this victory molded his music career. Thanks to the show he gave a birth to a new musical genre called “Fujirembi”, he says that it completely belongs to him.


We remind you that he was performing a song named “Woju” on the Nigerian Idol’s fifth season grand finale! Currently his plans include working on the debut album, doing great music, building his own brand as well as the ‘Fujirembi’ genre.

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