Who is the new husband of actress Monalisa Chinda?

Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda has been in the news for her first marriage and divorse. Now she is back again in the news with her second marriage.

Monalisa Chinda is one of the most popular Nollywood actresses. She has been married and divorced with her husband for over 7 years. Recently we’ve got the news of her getting married again. Find out more about the actress, her daughter and learn the name of her new husband.

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Monalisa Chinda daughter nanny

Monalisa was born in September 1974 and she has started her acting career at 22 in the Pregnant Virgin movie. The Heaven’s Gate soap opera, where she starred in 2007 has given her career a boost. Since that time she did not limit her activating to acting alone, but become a producer and one of the prominent Nigerian media persons.

Her first husband’s name was Dejo Richards and the actress left the guy  because of physical abuse and many problems the coupled faced in their married life. Monalisa Chinda’s daughter is so adorable and her name is Nanny. There were many rumors and gossip going around about actress being sorry for divorcing her first husband and about their possible reconciliation. Many a time Monalisa has stated to the press that her marriage with Dejo Richards is none of their business.

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Monalisa Chinda wedding

Monalisa Chinda wedding

Now we have gotten the news of Monalisa Chinda finally ending up her single life which lasted for over 7 years. She gets remarried! The lucky guy and her new husband is Victor Tonye Coker. Their traditional wedding has taken place in Port Harcourt (the birth place of the actress) on February 12, 2016. It has taken many by surprise.

Victor Tonye Coker
That might not be all to cover. The newlywed couple plan their romantic white wedding in Greece to be held in Greece in the May 2016. Monalisa Chinda’s daughter was present at the traditional wedding and accompanied her mother.

wedding of monalisa
The ex-husband of the actress got remarried back in 2011. Now she has also moved on with her life and we wish her happiness and God’s blessings in the new family. 


Monalisa Hind is one of my favorite actresses. Always interested in her life and achievements. It took a very long work, starred in many films, operas. Her career began with the gates of heaven soap opera, where it is rapidly beginning to evolve in a different direction. Such as it is, it is necessary to imitate and follow the example, because of these women are very few.She is strong in spirit, and I am very pleased to watch her life. We will wait for what will happen next, as the turns her life, I was very interested to read this article, thank you for the news of such a beautiful woman.

Answered 1 year ago.

I like the news about famous people. So interested in all the details of their lives. Recently I read about a man actress Monalisa Chinda., Then was a great break which wrote to the Nigerian press. Now the actress's new husband. Stars generally inherent in the phenomenon of volatility.They are always looking for something new "Muse", to create. These creative people sometimes deprived of family happiness as often divorced. Women even have children, and men in constant search. Pity them because the success they recognize true happiness.

Answered 1 year ago.
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