Who is the owner of the most expensive house in Abuja?

How much money does the house in the prestige area of Abuja cost? Why does it attract a lot of tourists in the city? Read the information below to learn more details about this magnificent home.

expensive celebrity homes

Maitama region in the city of Abuja is known, first of all, as the residence of rich and famous people. There are a lot of expensive celebrity homes. The area is well developed and has a large number of magnificent architectural concepts, which don't stop to strike passersby.

Among several tremendous buildings in Abuja, exotically looking building on Ghana Street neighboring to Hilton hotel enjoys special popularity. It is allocated as the lock on the hill. It is a very expensive house in Nigeria.

expensive house in Nigeria

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According to many taxi drivers in Abuja, cases when they don't hear from the passengers questions like 'what a powerful look at this house, what is it? ', 'who is the owner of this building?', 'for what is it used?' and so on, are rare. Perhaps, there are more expensive buildings in the city, but the arrangement of this house and lack of details of its use make it more interesting. There is a set of assumptions about use of this building. Its look reminds museum, library or public memorial house. But these are just assumptions.

Many people stated their versions of the one who is the owner of this house. Someone said that it belongs to Pope, AA Oil and so on. There is no unanimous answer about the one who is an owner. In search of the correct answer, journalists have gone to administration of development of Abuja, where the management told that the building, most likely, belongs to Alhaji Aliyu Abubakar, the chairman of AA Oil Limited.

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Looking at appearance of the building and its environment decorated with statues and lawn it is possible to say that material for construction of such building was imported. Also in one of interviews, Alhaji Aliyu Abubakar recognized that he was inspired in other country on design of this house. According to the chairman of AA Oil Limited, he has got the land plot at the cost of one billion N1. Aliyu has also told in interview that he was trained as the construction technologist and before he became involved in oil business, he financed the building from his personal savings, as he didn't receive a mortgage from bank.

'This building belongs to me. I have bought the land, on which this house is located, approximately in 2005. I have bought it for N1billion because of the territory. After that, a thought has come to me to build something in European style. By the way, I am a builder on education. I specialize in construction of buildings of model quality. Any house, which I build, is usually special.

the owner of the most expensive house in Abuja

The idea of construction of this building was to show that it is very possible to copy things, which we see abroad, in Nigeria. As I have decided that I have a possibility of acquisition of this earth, I'll build a house, which wasn't in city and perhaps in all the country yet’ – he said. Undoubtedly, the building has caused a great interest and remained popular among tourists in the city of Abuja. If purchase of land costs the whole one billion naira, it is possible to imagine only how much money was necessary to spend for such magnificent building! Of course, it is millions of dollars. Most likely, this is one of the most expensive homes in Nigeria ever built before.

With the operating level of safety surrounding the house and gates, it is impossible to get access to the building. But there are a lot of people who consider themselves as witnesses, say that the chairman of the oil company really comes there. Though it is not clearly whether the building is his private apartment or is it occupied with offices.


i thinks there are now more expensive houses in abuja

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