Who is the richest African artist?

What rappers are included in the list of the richest artists of African origin? Who of them has got a place in the Forbes rating? Read the article to learn more about these artists and their story of success.

The richest South African rappers list

To be rich nowadays, it is necessary not only to create songs but also to be a good businessman in heart. Black rappers have understood it right. See the list of the richest world rappers of African origin.

The richest South African rappers list

  • Dr. Dre ($110 million). He is the richest African artist in the world. The latest thing, which André Romell Young has created, was a brand of the most popular premium earphones in the USA. Last year he received $100 million for his beats. Because of series of transactions, the new album of Doctor Dre isn't finished yet. But last albums of the rapper are still on the big sale in 2016. He even was included in the list of the richest African artists in Forbes.
  • Diddy ($45 million). One of the most experienced stars and a businessman Sean Combs, better known as Diddy (former P Diddy and Puff Daddy), enjoys wide popularity at advertisers. The main revenue was got by him because of big sales of vodka from the largest producer of the alcoholic beverages. He is also one of the richest African artists.
  • Jay-Z ($38 million). The spouse of Beyoncé successfully makes deals, which bring him great sums of money. He also creates his own fashion line. Jay-Z describes himself not as a singer, but as a businessman.

the richest African artist

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  • Kanye West ($35 million). The rapper has got a big sum, cooperating with Jay-Z on their joint album. Only for one joint performance in Dubai, they have earned $6 million. This year Kanye West released Nike sneakers with his own design.
  • Lil Wayne ($27 million). Lil Wayne has realized one million copies of his new album in one week. The partnership with Mountain Dew water has brought essential earnings to the rapper. His personal brand of Trukfit clothes also surely gains popularity.
  • Drake ($20.5 million). In the past, he was Aubree Graham, a star of teenage series. Now he is a rising star of hip-hop culture. This year Drake earned with large-scale tours and contracts with Sprite and Kodak.
  • Birdman ($20 million). Co-founders of Cash Money Records, Brian and his brother Ronald Slim Williams, release albums of such successful rappers as Lil Vane, Drake, and Nikki Minaj. But brothers aren't limited to musical business. In 2010, they have founded Bronald Oil and were engaged in the oil business, but since January 2012, their website doesn't function. Birdman develops the brand of clothes of the same name and brand of vodka. These projects are more successful and make the profit.
  • Ludacris ($12 million). Christopher Bridges, better known as Ludacris, has earned the most part of money not with musical, but acting and entrepreneurship talent. Ludacris has played in movies, sounded advertising of RadioShack electronics, has produced Conjure cognac of average price category and has created the brand of Soul earphones, obviously, having spotted the idea at Doctor Dre.

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