Who is the richest female musician in America?

Interested in the richest female musicians in America? The rating consists of five positions. They are five most successful and richest American female musicians.

Rich female musicians - who are they?

The main point is that these female singers reached the peak of success and their all over the global popularity by themselves.

We should note that for the evaluation of singers' income Forbes took into account the income from the stars concerts and album sales, and also the income from related business enterprises and sponsorship deals.

  • Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

The fifth position in the rating belongs to Taylor Swift. Her overall capital is $250 million. At the age of 10 young Taylor Swift began playing the guitar. Right at this time in the repertoire of future singer appeared songs of her own composition. Today country-pop singer Taylor Swift is among the brightest music stars of the "new generation". She is sweet, beautiful and talented, her movies are very popular among young people, and millions of copies of singer's records are sold all over the globe, becoming multiple platinum. Over the past few years, Taylor Swift has grown abruptly from a shy country singer to the major pop icon of America. Her tour brought her a quarter of a billion. In addition, she is actively fighting for the rights of music artists. At the age of 26 she had ten GRAMMY awards, her albums won GRAMMY awards as the best album of the year twice.

Taylor’s albums (2010’s Speak Now, 2012’s RED and 2014’s 1989) beat the record of sales at first week. More than 1 million copies were sold. In January 2010, Nielsen SoundScan named Taylor the most fortunate digital performer in music history (34.3 million sales).

  • Beyonce


The fourth position in the rating of American richest musicians took Beyonce. Such an unusual name she received from the mother's maiden name. Now she is 34 years old and lives in Los Angeles. Today Beyonce’s capital will not fall below $265 million. As a solo singer, her reward is more than $500 million.  Beyonce was nominated much more times than other female singers in the history of Grammy music awards. Her new album, Lemonade, promises to be one of this year's most prosperous music projects. In 2010, Forbes magazine put Beyonce to the second position in the list of 100 most influential celebrities all over a world. Her name was also recognized as one of the most significant musicians in the world. Time magazine put the artist in the rank of 100 people who have the biggest impact in the world. December 11, 2009, Billboard announced Beyonce the most successful singer of the 2000s and the main radio performer of the decade. In February 2010, RIAA registered her as an artist with the most RIAA certifications for a decade.

  • Barbara Streisand


The third position with the overall capital in $370 million took Barbara Streisand. Good voice and plastic ensured her success. Barbra Streisand has recorded over a hundred LPs, won a great number of "Grammy" awards. With great success performing in musicals - at first in the theater on Broadway, and then to the movies. Barbara perhaps is among the most renowned artists - she has such awards as "Oscar", "Tony", "Grammy", "Emmy" and many others. Her albums have repeatedly led the hit parades, and her shows are also successful in a commerce sphere. At the age of 74, this woman is a living legend of the show business world. Barbra Streisand - is an artist that with full confidence can be called "great." During the distinguished career, this woman has reached impressive heights as a singer, actress, composer, filmmaker and political activist. The total number of her albums has exceeded 145 million (!) Copies and acting work has repeatedly been awarded the most prestigious film awards. Streisand is one of the most commercially successful women in modern show business. She is the only artist who led Billboard 200 in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s with her albums. More than 145 million copies of the album have been sold worldwide.

  • Celine Dion


The second position in the rating of American richest musicians came to Celine Dion.  Being 48 years old, her capital reached $ 380 million. Future singer from the early age loved music. Celine’s parents ran a small club, and strongly encouraged hobby of their daughter, and at the age of five, she first performed in public together with her brothers. At first five years of her musical career, Celine has recorded 9 albums in French. In 1988, Celine Dion took part in the European contest "Eurovision. She defeated her main rival by a margin of just one vote. In the 90s, at a time when it was the height of pop music in the world, Celine Dion was recognized by the largest centers of the music industry: Grammy in the US, Canada «Juno and Felix Awards», as well as the European «World Music Awards ". In the United States, the singer's albums went an unprecedented run of 50 million. The singer went in the rating of Top 30 American artists who have the biggest sales of their albums. In 2004, after selling more than 175 million albums all over the globe, she received a diamond award World Music Awards, becoming the best-selling female singer of all time.

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  • Madonna


The richest female musician 2016 in America became Madonna. With the overall capital in $ 560 million, she took the first place in the rating. She is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, writer, actress, film director, screenwriter, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. The basis of her fortune is a tremendous hard work and the ability to communicate with people. Her life is the embodiment of the American dream that gives hope to those who would like to become rich and successful as diva Madonna. Last concert tour brought Madonna about $ 170 million, but the singer's capital is not only selling albums and music career - she gets solid royalties, and also owns real estate and art collections, in which you can find works by Picasso, Kahlo, and Man Ray.

Everything started when Madonna moved to New York in 1978 for a career in a dance troupe. First, she became a member of rock bands, and then a successful solo artist and songwriter. Madonna’s clips are a usual phenomenon on MTV. She constantly works over her texts to make them full of mainstream. Madonna’s songs often caused controversies in media because of themes they covered - racism, sexism, religion, politics, sex, and violence. The artist’s pride is 20 MTV Video Music Awards and seven Grammy Awards, including a nomination for the prestigious album Ray of Light (1998) and Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005).

Madonna's debut album was called «Like a Virgin» and it got the top of the album charts in the USA. It stayed at first place in the Billboard charts as long as 6 weeks. It was bought 19 million copies of Madonna’s album all over the world. The album received a diamond certificate and grew to the most prosperous one in singer’s homeland.

The album True Blue Madonna released in 1986. It was characterized by the publication "Rolling Stone" as "sounding from the heart". On CD there was the ballad Live to Tell, which the singer wrote to the film At Close Range, which starred her husband Sean Penn. Thanks to this album Madonna became a worldwide star and took the top of the charts in 28 countries. Guinness Book of Records has named this CD absolutely unprecedented.

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