Who is the winner of The Voice Nigeria?

Who won The Voice 2016 Nigeria? What is The Voice in general? What levels do contestants pass? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about this popular TV show here right now!

The Voice Nigeria

A stage actress Agharese Emokpae, known as A'rese, has just won the first season of the popular music reality show, The Voice Nigeria. The contest, which began with 47 contestants, came to the eight competitive opponents, who met in the final on Sunday evening.

A'rese, The Voice winner 2016, who was guided by Waje, was awarded a prestigious recording contract, an SUV, which is worth N7 million and also 4 nights gateway to city Dubai. A huge The Voice finale gathered all the mentors - Timi Dakolo, Waje, Patoranking and 2face Idibia - all had a duet with their ‘students’.

 the voice winner nigeria

After individual performances and the duets, the top four finalists were announced, the list included - A'rese, Brenda, Dogwood and Chike and. The top 4 turned to a duo with Chike and A'rese, then the winner was declared. Now ‘Youtube The Voice’ is one of the major requests in Nigeria.

During this exciting night, A’rese won the fans and audience favor with her impressive and charismatic rendition of ‘Hallelujah’, Alexandra Burke and ‘Think’, Aretha Franklin. Six years of A’rese stage experience distinguishes her from her competitors. A graduate of well-known Washington and Lee University, A’rese have stared in a lot of musicals and theater performances in both the United States and Nigeria.

So what is The Voice in deed?

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The Voice is a popular international reality television show, created as a singing competition franchise. And it is based on the original reality singing competition, which is called The Voice of Holland. It was originally created by John de Mol, a Dutch television producer. A lot of other countries have already adapted the new format, and started airing its own version in 2011. It is a rival to the popular Idols franchise, The X Factor and Rising Star.


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The creator of well-known Big Brother, John de Mol, was first, who created the concept of Voice show with the popular Dutch singer Roel van Velzen. This show is completely different, as in contrast to The X Factor or Idols the Voice primarily was focused on the person’s ability to sing and also prowess of the artist.

In 2010, on 17th September, The Voice of Holland started to air on RTL 4 with popular Roel van Velzen, Angela Groothuizen, Nick & Simon, and also Jeroen van der Boom as the major mentor-judges (and as ‘coaches’) of this TV show. The show had an unbelievable success in the Netherlands. Then the format was sold to a lot of different countries.


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The participants are singers drawn from huge public auditions. This format of the show has four stages of the competition. First one is the totally blind auditions, where the four coaches, all notable recording singers, listen to the contestants-singers in a chair, facing away from the stage so not seeing them. If the coach likes what he hears from the participant, he clicks a button to turn is chairs to show that he is interested in working with the contestants. If more than one coach pushes their buttons, the participant chooses a coach he or she wants to work with. Blind auditions finish when every coach has a certain number of participants for the team. Coaches must dedicate themselves to developing of their singers: mentally, musically, and in some cases physically, giving them advice and share the secrets of their own success.

Candidates who succeed in the blind auditions move to battle or ‘fight’ rounds, where The Voice judges put two members of his team against each other to sing the same song together in front of a big studio audience. After the vocal battle, the coach has to choose only one person to move forward.

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In a case if a particular winner cannot be identified, the competition turns into a game of fate by lot. In some versions, there are interceptions, where opposing coaches can steal a contestant who was voted off by his own coach by clicking them. Like during the blind auditions, if more than one coach pushes his button, the participant chooses which coach they want. Each coach has a certain number of interceptions (usually one or two).

In some popular versions, all the winners of the battle or ‘fight’ rounds proceed to the next knockout rounds. As preciously in the battle rounds, the coaches pick two of their own team members and make them compete with each other. But now, the contestants have a possibility to choose the song to perform individually while the other participants watch and wait. After that, the coach chooses one to move forward while the other one is going home. At the end of these knockout rounds, the best members of each coach's team proceed to the difficult live stage shows.

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In the final performance phase of this competition, the best, top members from each team have to compete against one another again during a real live broadcast. The television audience needs to vote to save one, their favorite contestant from each team, but it leaves the coach a right to decide on live stream, who they want to save now and who will go home. Then it comes, the next round. The public must choose between the best two singers left in each team, and their coach also has his own vote, which weighs equally with the whole public vote.

At last, each coach has his or her best performers, who are left standing to fight in the finals, singing some original song. One of these four will be named ‘The Voice’ and he or she will receive the huge prize - a recording contract. Universal Music Group is a popular general record company, which is associated and affiliated with the format of voice in most countries.

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In a few versions, all the contestants make shows every week and only the public's 'voice' can determine which contestants move forward in the competition, an original format, which is similar to both The X Factor and Idols. It means that any person can be eliminated at any time and no coach can guarantee a spot in the finals.

Also one of the common cornerstones of popular The Voice format is the participation in social networking via Twitter, Facebook and specially designed ‘Connect’ platform. Users are able to log in using their Facebook account and get any background information of the show. The unique platform also provides the ability to stream the favorite show online, as well as voting, chat with friends and discuss different topics and questions raised by producers throughout the show.


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The combination of 235 artists has already won the television versions of voice (the reality singing competition), adapted to the forty-six regions. Every winner has received a recording contract, a certain cash prize and the title as the nation The Voice, Голос Країни, Golos, Голос, Holos, La Voix or La Voz. There are currently 235 winners of this show, the first of which was Ben Saunders from Netherlands and the latter of which is The Voice 2016 winner… Agharese Emokpae from Nigeria!

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