Who is the woman threatening to kill singer Harrysong if he refuses to have sex with her?

Harrysong latest news. Why did a fan ask him to have sex with her? Why did he refuse? Why does a lady threaten him? Where is a singer now? Read their real chat on screenshots here!

performer Harrysong

Popular singer and successful performer Harrysong, is claiming that some woman has been making unwanted sexual proposes to him via his Social Media. Well, Harrysong latest song didn’t make so much noise as this situation.

According to Harrysong this situation has been continuing for about a month, there appeared a lady, but first a man thought she was a fan. This woman began with different compliments, saying good words about his music and brand. After that the conversation progressed to saying that she’s in love with him. And then it progressed to request to have sex. And now the lady is even threatening to kill Harrysong if he refuses to have sex with her. Check up her messages below.

Harrysong chat

Harrysong talk

Harrysong's fan

Harrysong's crazy fan

Harrysong crazy fan

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Harrysong's sms

Harrysong's fan wants sex

Now the performer is in America, doing his tour. People around his estate also sent him messages now, saying that there’s a lady looking for his house address, desperately saying that she will pay any sum to find it out. She says that she’s in love with a singer.

Well, now we can say that Harrysong biography has already got a new age. Whether it’s just a fan love or something serious, we will see. However, it’s certain that next Harrysong songs will grab more attention, as the singer appeared in the center of a real scandal.

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