Who is the world's sexiest teacher in math?

Did you know that the sexiest math teacher in the world is a model who works with Armani?! Find out more about this guy!

sexiest teacher

We all remember our school teachers who were mostly the people who made us hate school, which is natural for all children. But what if you had lessons with the sexiest teacher in the world?

Maybe it would have been a great motivation to study more!

The sexiest teacher

Last year one post on Facebook became extremely popular. It was a girl who posted a photo of her math teacher saying that he is world’s hottest math teacher.

His name is Pietro Boselli and he comes from Italy but right now he lives in London, England. He teaches in universities even though he is just 28 years old.

The girl wrote a comment that she just came to conclusion that he is not only a teacher but also a real model. That was really surprising for all the Facebook users as it’s not the way we used to see our teachers.

He basically changed the perception in our minds. Later on it basically became viral and the whole world heard about sexiest teacher. He got in a lot of magazines that officially claimed him the hottest teacher too.

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He is obviously Italian. If you want to know more about his background, at that time he was teaching in the university in attempt to get the PhD in engineering. Right now he is the lucky guy who got it.

Moreover, except for being an excellent teacher and engineer, he actually turned out to be a model.

sexiest teacher

He became extremely popular in all social networks and the amount of his followers and subscribers is almost 1 million people, which is pretty amazing.

His hometown is Negrar. Even though he spent his childhood in Italy, he decided to change his life about 9 years ago.

The reason for that was that he needed to continue his studies somewhere else and he found London the most suitable place for it. That’s why he moved there and started attending the university.

Even though the photo was posted about one year ago, he is still the most discussed math teacher in the world. It’s quite understandable because apart from being very intelligent he is also extremely attractive.

Many journalists wanted to interview him and he was always happy to do it. He seems to be very open and friendly person. Right now he has a diploma in Engineering and Computer Science.

But about a year ago he decided to stop being a teacher.

sexiest teacher

He did it because he got an offer that he couldn’t refuse from. The world famous fashion company Armani asked him to be a representative of their clothes in couple of magazines.

However, it won’t be his debut. Surprisingly enough he already worked as a model for this company a lot of years ago when he was a child.

Moreover, as he got older all famous companies wanted to see him as a part of their team. The fact that he is so handsome and athletic made him a very respectful model.

This year’s big news is that now Pietro has his own YouTube channel. He says that he cares about his fans and that he is going to make sure that they know everything that happens to him up-to-date!

Here is a link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1lSkVg0HUiMxW3l-WRICGw

sexiest teacher

As you can see, except for his jobs he also has another hobby – sport. If you want to see the details you can always check his profiles in all the social networks – he shares everything with his fans.

He is admired by a lot of people because he has already achieved a lot for his young age. He did all kinds of sport before but right now he is just focusing on having strong muscles and perfect body shape.

He also shares his secrets about having a healthy lifestyle.

He says that he can’t live without a daily exercise. Not only he finds it important to stay fit and healthy but he also mentions that his mood gets better after a little bit of fitness.

Right now Boselli is busy with his new project on TV. This time he is going to try himself as an actor! We can only wish a lot of success to such a talented person!

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