Who is Tope Alabi?

Love Gospel music? Then you really want to know more about one of the key singers - Tope Alabi.

Have you heard about one of the most prominent Nigerian Gospel singers? Who is Tope Alabi? What is peculiar about her music? We call her "our angel voice", but what do we know about her? Find our lots of interesting facts concerning her life right now! Tope Alabi oore ti o common?

who is tope alabi

Tope Alabi Biography

This mesmerizing woman is known by many names, such as Ore Ti among common or Agbo Jesu. She was born in October of 1970. Her native state is Ogun. Her family consisted of mother, father, and two brothers. So, she is the only daughter.

Tope Alabi Biography

In 1986, she got certificate at Oba Akinyele Memorial High School.  After this, she started to study Mass Communication in the Polytechnic of Ibadan. In 1990, she finally graduated from the university. She was really diligent student, because her family was disciplined. Besides the education, Tope Alabi was very keen on drama and music. In the time of school years, she even joined Jesters International, where she received her first experience in drama. She managed to get some training, working on different channels, such as NTA Channel 7 Tejuosho.

Tope Alabi album

Then she had worked in several companies for a few years, before she decided to come back to the Theatre Art. In 1994, she joined Alade Aromire Theater Group and appeared to be extremely gifted singer and actress. During those years, she tried various forms of production, including movies, drama, soundtracks etc. After her success, many Yoruba movie industry companies wanted to work with her.

A bit later, she has turned into gospel music singer. It happened after she had become born-again Christian.

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How old is Tope Alabi?

How old is Tope Alabi?

This striking woman is now 45 years old. But she still keeps surprising fans and all the Nigerians with her outstanding voice and talent.

Who is Tope Alabi husband?

Many people want to know more about her private life. This woman is extremely beautiful. Of course, she has a husband – Soji Alabi. They have children and love each other. She says he is very supportive. In fact, he used to be her manager. And now he is her marketer. They met many years ago, when Tope was just 19.

Tope Alabi husband

Tope Alabi music

As you already know, she is a prominent artist. Tope Alabi gospel music touches the souls of everyone in the country and beyond. Within several years, she has managed to become multi-platinum Nigerian Gospel Singer. She has released more than 10 albums by now. Tope Alabi latest album is called Agbelebu. It appeared in 2013. Besides, she continues her work and we can expect something wonderful from her soon. Tope Alabi is gospel singer, who really deserves public attention and admiration.

Tope Alabi family

Tope Alabi personal life

Great number of fans keeps watching her personal life. She is also the one, who often appears in the news. One of the most interesting stories concerns Pastor Ajanaku and Tope Alabi. According to the reports, she has told the truth about her relations with this man. He was her former spiritual father. There were many rumors about their love affair. However, after his death, she said there was nothing sexual between them.

Pastor Ajanaku and Tope Alabi.

Lots of people continue to follow her life in the news on TV, newspapers, and on the Internet. Nevertheless, Mrs. Alabi has become very popular due to her unique voice and uplifting gospel messages.

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