Who is Van Vicker?

What facts do you know about Van Vicker? Read the article and you’ll learn a great amount of them!

Everyone who is interested in Nollywood movies probably heard about the name of Van Vicker. Let’s understand who this man is and try to find the answers on the most common questions about his personality and work.

Who is Van Vicker

How old is Van Vicker?

The actor was born 1 August 1977. He is 38 years old.

How old is Van Vicker

Van Vicker biography

The actor was born in Ghana in a family of Liberian mother and Dutch father. The father died when the boy was six years old. The actor often mentions in his interviews that he was trained only by the mother and is grateful to her for it. Because of early death of the father, mother became for him a close person and he considers her as a hero.

Vicker gone study to Mfantsipim School. It was alma mater of Former Secretary-General of the UN. There he has met his future colleague. This was the actor Majid Michel.

Van Vicker biography

For the first time the actor became known to public thanks to participation in various radio programs. He became a representative of radio Groove and Vibe. He took part in these projects from 1997 to 2004. In addition, in 1997 he became a host for TV3, in 2000 – for Metro TV, and appeared in TV series later. Suncity told about student's life. There the actor has played the student of faculty of arts from the USA, who wants to finish training in Suncity. In total, series had 10 episodes.

Further, the actor began a film career. He played a bit part in the movie Divine Love. Later he played major roles in romantic films.

Van Vicker movies

Of course, the actor considers the break in Nollywood as the greatest achievement in his career. He acted in many movies with such famous actors as T. Dikeh, M. Johnson, S. Okereke, C. Ike and J. Iyke. Among films, in which he took part, should be noted the following: My Soul Mate, Heart of Fire, Popular King, Gambling with Marriage, Harvest of Love, Stolen Will, The Joy of a Prince, Discovered, The Kingdom and others.

Is Van Vicker Dead

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Van Vicker movies have found the international success. He became producer and leading actor for his own five movies. The actor is an owner of numerous awards. Among them are: ACRAG, Papyrus Magazine Screen Actors, Ghana Movie and many others.

Van Vicker movies 1

Is Van Vicker Married?

The actor has a wife. Her name is Adjoa. They are married since 2003. According to the actor, recently they communicated a little because of busy operating schedule. When they have got married, the spouse has got used to constantly see her husband at home, as he wasn't famous movie star yet. However, everything has changed rather strongly for a short period of time. In the interviews, the actor describes his wife as incredibly strong person who understands how career is important for him and constantly keeps with the man in contact, even when he is far from home. The couple constantly calls to each other. Vicker and his wife have three beautiful children.

Is Van Vicker Married

Is Van Vicker Dead?

Of course, it is not true. The actor is alive and going to surprise his admires again and again

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