Who is Wizkid father?

Do you like Wizkid? What facts and rumors about his life do you know? Full story of his success is here.

WizKid, who is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun in a real life, is a real newsmaker! Scandals, rumors, questions (who is wizkid father?), news, rewards – every topic includes his name! Millions of people are going crazy hearing his music. He is one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria. His songs and records are extremely successful. Fans are sure that it’s because of his unique voice.

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But haters keep saying that there must be a rich father standing behind Wizkid’s career. Let’s find out. A singer was born in Lagos, Nigeria. His father had 3 wives and the boy was the sixth child. He always liked to sing but parents didn’t pay much attention to this. Wizkid started singing at the age of 11. He worked very hard trying to create the best recording. He spent all his free time at the studio.


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But his parents didn’t like it much. They didn’t accept his music as a real job. Once Wizkid said that he had to work extremely hard to hear the praise from his father. Who is Wizkid father? Where does he work? Is he rich? We may never know.

His fans were surfing the internet asking: ‘who is wizkid father and mother’ and ‘who is wizkid parents’. But they could not find the answer. It seemed that it was some kind of secret.

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Once Wizkid posted a photo with his mother and father. It exploded the web. The fans were extremely surprised. They thought a singer would never show his family. The artist wrote that he thanked his parents for everything that they had given him even when they had nothing. Millions of fans cried reading these words. Journalists and fans concluded that Wizkid didn’t have a rich family. And that his father might be a simple worker so that’s why Wizkid hides information about him.

Once a journalist had a chance to talk to Wizkid’s mother. She said that she is extremely proud of her son. She thanks God that she is his mother. However, she noticed that parents do not call him ‘Wizkid’ at home. They gave him another nickname when he was a kid – ‘IB-Boy’ (short of his real name Ibrahim).

Wizkid son

wizkid a showman

Wizkid is a father now. A singer is only 26 years old but he has a 5 year-old son. At first he refused that he had some relationships and tried to close a ‘baby-scandal’. But rumors didn’t stop and journalists even tried to find a woman that gave a birth to Wizkid’s first child. He denied everything for 2 years and then suddenly in 2013 posted a photo of a kid in his instagram. It was his 2 year-old son. The fans were shocked. After 2 years of questions, hundreds of interviews and ‘honest eyes’ the truth came out. It’s possible that Wizkid didn’t want his fans to bother his babymama and child. So that’s why he denied everything for a while.

But should we wait for another unexpected confession? Will it happen in instagram again? Maybe one day Wizkid will tell all the truth about his family. And the world will find out ‘who is wizkid father and mother?’ at last.


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Scandals and rumors of these people were and will always and everywhere. The guy is very beautiful, and certainly he has a lot of fans who want to marry him, or meet him. These people are being talked about already achieved very great success. Some even half of what is achieved can not be in my life. And on such lyadyah always go talk particularly since they are in the spotlight, and they know everything. Maybe this course of stars earn their PR. Thank you for the article, with her, I learned a lot about the life of such a talented guy.

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