Who is Wizkid's girlfriend now?

The news that Wizkid allegedly is getting together with American singer instantly became a hot topic on Twitter. Find out the truth about what is it so?

Wizkid and girlfriend photos

September 11, 2016, a well-known pop star Wizkid shared an interesting photo. The image appeared in the official Wizkid Instagram. About these pictures, he embraces not less than famous US singer Justine Skye.

Wizkid and girlfriend photos

An interesting fact is that it has disabled comments on this image. He probably wants to avoid unnecessary rumors and chatter of his fans. In June 2016 there were rumors that Wizkid, 26 and Skye, 20, has already started dating. According to sources in the field of music the pair to be in a romantic relationship. The Star Boy act had reacted to the stories about his relationship with Justine Skye.

Wizkid's girlfriend - Justine Skye

Earlier, he shared photos of him and Skye with the caption, "No questions!". By the way, singer Skye signed to Roc Nation and previously expressed her admiration Wizkid and his music, which has now become popular in the United States.

Wizkid and girlfriend photos

Wizkid wrote a short "Happy Birthday" when a colleague and apparently his new girlfriend, Justine Skye was celebrating the birthday of August 24, 2016. This congratulation is accompanied by a very sexy photo of the female singer.

Justine Skye - Wizkid's new girlfriend

Before got acquainted with Skye was aware that Wizkid had been in a romantic relationship with Tania Omotayo for three years, from 2012 to 2015. In January 2016, he announced through a press release about the break up with Tania Omotayo after information had leaked that the former EME singer had fathered a baby with a US-based woman by the name Binta Diamond Diallo. All the headlines were full of titles like "Wizkid and girlfriend split."

Tania Omotayo and Wizkid

During a stellar career, Wizkid has had two ex-girlfriends that we know of, Tania Omotayo and Sophie Rammal who got married this year. He has never hidden his relationship, and all the fans have known about his new relationship with the girls. So, Sophie Ramallah starred in his first music video 'Holla at your Boy" and their photo can still be found on the Internet.

Sophie Rammal - Wizkid's ex girlfriend

As for Tania Omotayo, she became more famous when she began a relationship with Wizkid. Many of the activities she visited with Wizkid, Tania attended many red carpet events with him and at some time, she even worked as his assistant manager. The couple has shown a huge number of photos in social networks, and they have never hidden their love.

Wizkid's ex girlfriend - Tania Omotayo

It is clear that Wizkid had more girls than these two famous beautiful girls in his whole life. It's elementary, he doesn't want to show his darling publicly. For example, he didn't show any of his photos with his Nigerian baby mama Sola Ogudugu. Speaking of his second baby mama (alleged) Binta Diamond Diallo, you can find only a few a couple of photos. Perhaps, Justine Skye is crucial for Wizkid, and that is why he tries to hide their relationship, and this is the main reason why he doesn't say about it official.

Wizkid's second baby mama (alleged) Binta Diamond Diallo

There are rumors that the Wizkid and Justine Skye situation is just a publicity moment. But it is nonsense, because if it were true, Wizkid would choose a more well-known female. It seems that Wizkid and his new girlfriend Justine Skye enjoy each other.

Wizkid and girlfriend photos

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I remind you that Wizkid real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. He is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Wizkid was born July 16, 1990. He began his musical career at age 11, releasing a joint album «Lil Prinz” with Glorious Five in 2011. In 2014 Wizkid became the first Nigerian singer who has over a million followers on Twitter. Also, in 2016, he took part in the song Drake - One Dance, which won first place in the chart Billboard Hot 100. 

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