Who is Wizkid's manager?

Who is the manager of Wizkid and do they have romantic relations? How does the couple comment these relations in the press and social media? Read the information below to learn the latest rumors about the rapper and his international manager.

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Who is Wizkid’s manager?

The latest Wizkid news: throughout a long time, there are rumors that Wizkid and its manager Jada P are in the relations. The girl is the international manager of the singer and lives in London. She was with him during his main tour to the large cities, including London, New York, and Amsterdam. Their admirers constantly watched the course of events thanks to social media and they have no doubt that couple has romantic relations. However, neither Wizkid nor Jada seeks to advertise their bond. In the new photo in Wizkid Instagram, the photo of the rapper and his manager in the studio, at which the girl was inclined to him, was posted. Wizkid has made the comment to the photo, which sounds as 'forever my G'. In another photo, where Jada is with two other girls, there is a signature 'close to my heart'.

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It is not the first time when someone from couple publishes the lovely photo with the romantic signature. By the way, during Chris Brown interview, speaking about a tour of the rapper, he has told that he and his manager divided a scene together and looked as if there was really something magical between them. According to him, 'Since that moment I knew that it was something especial between these guys. And now, the fact that they are together and divide a scene in 2016 is an absolute dream!' Now Wizkid is one of the most successful stars of the modern musical industry, and the number of his admirers always grows. Wizkid net worth now is almost 50 million of Naira.

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