Who leaked Miss Anambra's lesbian sex video online?

The Director of ABS allegedly leaked Chidinma Okekes video for her refusal to continue love affair with him. Is that really true? Let's deal with this together. Do not miss it!

The Director of ABS and Chidinma Okeke

Well, some resources (SecretReporters.kom) argue that Miss Anambra Chidinma Okekes sextape or lesbian porn video was shared in the web by one of the Pageant Organisers, below I found a quotation for you:

We would like to first strongly state that we At Gossip Mill Nigeria are not the authors of this Article these are all allegations and they are coming directly from "The Secret Reporters ".

Secret Reporters says that these are rough times for the 2015 Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke, whose sex video has been trending in the media, as our in depth investigation has unearth the real details how the video got leaked.

Also, Secret Reporters findings revealed that, the Director of Anambra Broadcasting Service, Uche Nworah, has been having sex with Chidinma, which was how she was able to win the beauty pageant, but trouble broke out, when he wanted to pass Chidinma to his other friends to also have a taste of her, but for her refusal, she was threatened, and could not bear the pressure anymore, she decided to surrender the kia car she was given as the star price, and the crown, so she could be left alone.

But trouble was looming for her, as the ABS Director insisted on having his way, else he will expose her, but Chidinma was not moved by this threat, until when she handed over the crown, so as not to bring disrepute to the pageantry, they waited for her to handover the crown, before he leaked the sex video alleged highly placed sources.

Secret Reporters have been reliably informed that, the sex for winning has been ongoing, in the beauty contest, organized by the ABS, and Nworah taking advantage of innocent girls who want fame and expose, then after mutilating them, leading them also into life unbecoming and turn them to sex tools or start black mailing them for not giving into his advances.

Further findings reveal that, Nworah waited after series of continual exploit, which Chidinma Okeke got over the effect of the drugs used to shackle her brain, and decided that enough is enough, that was the beginning of her travails, as the ABS known for fabrication of news, which is dedicated to producing programs that could damage the image of the state Governor’s opponents, had also deviated into sponsoring beauty pageant and taking advantage of young and pretty girls that are naïve, ABS decided that they will ruin her, maim and make her life miserable, as further investigation shows that, on the 11th of October, 2016, in a stage managed broadcast, Chidinma handed over her crown and the car to Uche Nworah, and that was the same day the sex tape was released.

Chidinma Okeke

So, Secret Reporters also reported some new information.

More credible facts have emerged from our news desk, as our independent findings on the Anambra sex tape continues to take its toll on the society, and Chidinma Okeke. Findings has revealed that, the lesbian victim, dethroned Miss Anambra - Chidinma Okeke, prior to the beauty pageant, was given rohypnol in a meeting of beauty queens, which is usually held for incoming beauty pageantry, which with the influence of the drug, she was meant to perform a lesbian act, which any victim could also act lesbianism or straight sexual act. With this, the video was shown to her, and asked to follow instruction henceforth, else it will be leaked.

Highly placed sources informed Secret Reporters that, many beauty queens have been subjected to slaves with this style of operation, with influential ladies and men in the circle, and the victim to satisfy anyone, as they pleases, were you are given some percentage of the proceeds, which you make for this influential circle, from there you are crowned a beauty queen in a carefully orchestrated pageantry if you satisfy them well.

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Competent sources also told Secret Reporters, that any of the victims who is involved in any police case, or any one, the influential circle takes care of the problem. Chidinma was made rich with this, but she refused to get used to the sexual escapades of the cabal, and had refused to use her position as Miss.

Anambra to recruit other girls into the ring. Her trouble begun, when she was no longer comfortable with it, as one of the leaders of the notorious circle in Anambra, who is the Director in Anambra Broadcasting Service, Uche Nworah and the organizers of the pageantry, ordered his Personal Assiatant, Abiola Jinadu to leak the sex tape (lesbian sex video), since she has opted out of the sex circle.

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