Who robbed Blac Chyna? – Over $200 000 is missing!

Have you heard that someone broke into Blac Cnyna house and stole money? Learn who she thinks it was.

Kardashian family is always in the center of all show biz and buzzing events. And not only they become the main newsmakers, but all those related to them. Surely Blac Chyna is famous enough on her own, but since her engagement to Rob Kardashian her popularity spurred up. Unfortunately, popularity, fame and wealth have the dark side to them.

Blac Chyna was robbed

Who broke into Blac Chyna house?

Over the last weekend the celebrity and US video girl reported that over $200 000 were missing from the safe in her house. She kept all the best of her jewelry there as well as some cash. This Working Day weekend was a costly one for the model and rather lucrative for the burglars.

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Blac Chyna herself does not believe it was a stranger who broke into her house. She thinks the job was done by someone close to her, by some “friend”. Of late the TV girl has dramatically changed her style of life. She got engaged to Rob Kardashian and got amazingly big and expensive ring. They say it costs over $300 000! And she stays clean of all the alcohol, cigarettes and other things like that. No more merry partying at her home and at her expense!

Blac Chyna news

She thinks the robbery is revenge to her done by some jealous “frind”. Currently LA police is working on the case and Blac Chyna takes active part in it. Follow the news to learn more. Share your opinion on the event down in the comment section and tell what you think of Blac Cnyna.

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