Who set up candle night for Nollywood actor Dede One Day?

Grieve over Dede One Day death? Find out more about the candle night procession organized to honor him.

It’s a pity that in 2015 Nollywood has lost several of its prominent actors with great talent. One of them is this famous comic. Many people in Nigeria still as:is Dede One Day dead? Can it be true?

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Dede One Day passed away in December 2015. He was on the stage performing, when he felt bad and eventually was taken to the hospital. There he died in the morning. He had high blood pressure and doctors could nothing for him.

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In February 2016 Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) decided to carry out a candle night to honor the memory of this great Nigerian comic. Dede One Day is buried in Imo State, at Umuduruori Umuarusilam Umuagwuru Mbieri. That is where the procession has taken place. They have honor the actor known as Dede (his stage name) and the real name of the comedian was Peter Onwuzurike Onyehidelam.

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The candles were lighted at the Freedom Square in Owerri. People talked about the late actor, remembering his jokes and great talent, as well as the good companionship they miss so much. Mr. Conac Umez shared his experience and opinion on Dede One Day and said there is no other like him now in Nigeria.

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People still get online to listen to his Laugh With Me comedy programs. The wife and kids of the actor as well as other family members still carry the burden of this untimely loss. R.I.P. Dede One Day.



It is unfortunate such a remarkable and well-known comedian. I miss with all who love Dede. For me it was a very fair man. It all showed an example of how to live. In any difficult situations need to laugh. There was a time of sorrow and grief, but watching the tape of this actor is impossible not to laugh. It seems, looking at him that he did not have any problems in life. No, every living person is a problem. He always knew how to control themselves. Also inspire people to good life. And all showed that life is beautiful, look at it from the other side!

Answered 2 years ago.

We all mourn this talented actor, because such people are very few, but sometimes it happens in life, that talented people are leaving. I feel for his family, the children, they were left without a father. It is very true that the lit candles, because he was a very bright man. Of course everything was not enough, not enough of his jokes, his talent. But we must understand that the life of each of us ever end. Release and store cherished memory of him. May he rest in peace. For now he is in heaven is much better.

Answered 2 years ago.

This world is unjust and takes us best. It happened with Dede. He was a good actor, talented comedian. Dede was always in the mood, smiling. So we will always remember it. Unfortunately he found the disease on the stage. Dede to his last days was with the audience, who loved him so. We loved his witty jokes. Where will live forever. Because his jokes will be transmitted from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation. Talents do not die. They live forever. So it will be with Dede. Remember their idols.

Answered 2 years ago.
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