Why a man claimed Genevieve Nnaji owed him ₦18,000?

The news about a young man saying that Genevieve Nnaji owes him a big sum of money went viral on the Internet. Why did he claim it and how come she owns him anything? Learn more from my article.

Genevieve Nnaji clothes

In case you do not know who Genevieve Nnaji is, then here you go. She is this beautiful Nigerian actress, a real star of the Nollywood and a talented singer. She appeared on stage while still in college (University of Lagos) and since that time has already been awarded with several awards.

She is not only talented but extremely attractive, however, despite all the praise and honors her name was mentioned on several national online resources saying that she owes some money to the young man.

As this man explains, he works for a woman that owns a boutique downtown. He has seen Genevieve Nnaji at their boutique quite a few times, so he knew she had no problem with money. He admitted that he is her great fan and is absolutely in love with the celebrity.

Genevieve Nnaji money

One day she came to their boutique again. Genny, as the young man, called her online, really liked one dress and was about ot purchase it when she discovered that it costs 98k. She explained that she did not have that much money with her. She also did not have the credit card to pay for the dress with it.

Genny said that her manager will come to pay for her purchase by the end of the day, and this young man gave her a bag with her dress saying that he would wait for her manager that day.

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Genevieve Nnaji actress

Unfortunately, the manager did show up. Not that day or the following one. He tried to call her managers by the phones he found online, but they did not answer or return his calls. When they finally picked up, they were less than willing to talk to him.

Meanwhile, his boss was insisting that she would sack him in case he does not return this money very soon. Being afraid for that to come true, he started writing about the incident online hoping to attract the attention of Genny’s managers.

It worked, though not the way the guy wanted it to. Genny answered; she even came to the store to return the dress and pay for it. However, later she called the guy “a pig” and made this publication spread.

Genevieve Nnaji news

As the man himself explains, he did not want to hurt her or anything. He only wanted her to pay what she owed. As he says he is still in love with the singer and if he ever had a chance he would absolutely marry her. But the situation with his boss and threats she made about the money Genny did not return pushed him to take measures on the singer.

This is a very sad situation; however, the singer never explained her actions. He did not say whether she just forgot to pay back or she did that intentionally. So the reporters go wild in their articles on the case.

It is obvious that money was not the issue for her; however, we still wonder whether she would apologize for the attitude her managers gave the guy as well as their failure to pay for her.

Genevieve Nnaji dress

National online sources invited this young man for an interview in order to ask him a few questions. Nevertheless, he refused to come. As he explained he did not want to give a bad name to the singer, and he would not interview in order for this whole story to calm down and her name be rehabilitated again.

Personally, I believe that a little explanation of Genny’s actions would really help to both save her own reputation and the guy’s one as well. We would have to wait and see whether she will comment on it, though.


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