Why Davido hasn't released new songs for almost a year?

Are you interested in Davido's personality? Have you heard any of his songs? Haven't you noticed that he hasn't released any songs throughout all the last year?

So, what is the reason? Who is to blame? His company with which he works? Sony Music? The majority of fans accuse exactly Sony Music of the delays of the releasing of his songs. Is this true?
The last officially released song was - The Money, with Olamide, on the 7th of November in 2015. Just imagine! During this period it was stated that it this song was a kind of a preceeding single for his new cool sophomore album.
So cute
Actually we haven't seen and heard the album, but the fans were encouraged by his promising contract with Sony Music.Such actions were explained by the delay due to the logistics connected with the signing of a new deal.some weeks after Sony Music joining he announced the releasing of EP titled SON OF MERCY.
Weeks and months have passed and nothing changed. Sounds strange?  However, his fans constantly admire his new recordings on Snapchat. Fortunately, the 9th of September was announced as the day of releasing of his new  song. Wonderful?
Sony Music?
Nowadays, the promises weren't fulfilled. So all the devotees suppose that we should blame Sony Music.
Despite this, it was noted that Davido has contributed to the 24 collaborations. He tried to stay on top of the charts featuring a great number of collabos. This way we can definitely say that he is involved in the job, but the fact that he hasn't represented any song  is dissapointing.

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