Why did 2face Idibia’s concert in rwanda go flop?

Why did 2face Ibidia’s last concert go flop? Who will be responsible for it? Read the article and find out the latest show biz news!


2face Ibidia’s concert was a total fatality! Less than 50 people came to watch him at Kigali Serena Hotel on Friday. What has happened?

Everything went wrong since the organizers didn’t promote this concert well. They explained their fault by the lack of time to plan everything.

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The show, which was supposed to start at 6 pm, started at 10 p.m with the almost empty concert hall. During the event, only journalists could be seen taking pictures of empty seats while the emcee of the night, MC Tino, told DJ to turn on the music, to fill the silence and emptiness. There were a few special guests and star’s guests, who were scattered in the big marquee.


After MC Tino had realized, that no more people would come, he decided to call Jack-B on stage. Actually, he was not on the list of performers for this event, but there was a need to entertain the crowd. He performed three songs and left with a few people unsatisfied. After that, DJ turned on the music again, while MC tried to satisfy people reminding them that 2face will enter soon.

After a few minutes, Tino invited Gilbert ‘Guitar’ Gabiro, a Tusker Project Fame contestant, who he had seen in the crowd. Gabiro didn’t hesitate to come on stage and also performed three songs.


Finally, “The African Queen” star took to the stage at about 11.30 pm after long hours of negotiation between his management team and the organizers on whether he should perform or not. First, he apologized to the crowd:

 “Hello, Kigali. I know you’re very few, but we don’t want to talk about whatever happened. I am going to do a unique show for you who managed to come,” he told the fans. He also shook hands with every person who turned up for the show.

The Nigerian star performed less than five songs including “True love,” “If love is a crime,” “Blind,” and “The African Queen” before his manager gave him a gesture to stop performing.

It is worth saying that show totally went flop due to organizers’ mistakes, including lack of advertising, etc.

“I think the timing of the show was not good. 23rd is not a good date because most people are yet to get their salaries. For a show to succeed, you have to put it at the end of the month or at beginning when people have money,” said Gilbert Dukuze, a music enthusiast.


Dukuze also noticed, that there some opinion, that 2face’s glory and his best days are behind him. But, who knows, maybe it was just one unfortunate incident for the star.

In the meantime, Sandra Teta of Miss Tee Creations postponed the All Red Party, which was scheduled for Saturday due to “unforeseen circumstances.” The cancellation was also linked to anticipated poor turn-up. Organizers say the event will now take place this coming Saturday at Ubumwe Grand Hotel.

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