Why did Blac Chyna tweet out Rob Kardashian’s phone number?

Rob Kardashian apologizes to Kylie and Blac Chyna posted his number. What is going on around?


Last week, Rob Kardashian posted the phone number of her younger sister Kylie Jenner. This act was a protest. The fact is that Rob and Blac Chyna, who are expecting a baby, has decided to live apart for a time. Therefore, Kim and Kylie organized two Babyshower: one for Rob, the other - for Blac.

When Rob learned that all of this will be filmed for a reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", then he refused to go, and Kyle said to his brother: "If you do not come, then Blac is not invited." After this, Rob became a little bit crazy.

But he changed his mind and made an apology to the younger sister. He wanted to do it personally, but Kylie has refused to give him a new phone number. He apologized to the live radio with Ryan Seacrest: "Forgive me if you hear Kylie. I love you".

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Blac Chyna, in turn, offended the groom because he scuttled a holiday in honor of their child, and ... posted his number on Twitter.


She even shot a video, where she asked Rob if he would be pleased to receive messages every second until his mobile phone rings off the hook from the phone calls and messages from fans.

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