Why did Cristiano Ronaldo cut two strips of hair?

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo shaved off two strips of hair? The truth is shocking!

Cristiano Ronaldo

If you love football, you love Cristiano Ronaldo or at least know him. This man has a controversial reputation. At times he is just nasty and embarrassing. People and media like to criticize the sports star.  But he has surprised us all!

What do the two strips of cut hair of Cristiano Ronaldo mean?

The footballer is admitted to be the best player of the last 20 years. He has tons of money and he does not spend it all on fashionable clothes or fun. What he did recently touched many hearts. Media people noticed something new about his haircut.

There appeared to be two tiny strips of shaved hair on one side. They guessed what might that mean or stand for? Does the man has a new lover or is he a cult member? The answer is shocking.

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Ronaldo hair

Cristiano Ronaldo paid for a cancer surgery of a little boy. The family had no money to save his life and the famous man helped them. The kid’s operation went well. He healed up, but two small scars remained on his head.

That is why Cristiano got those two strips of cut hair. They resemble the scars of the little one he helped to save! This man proves, he is not only talented and rich, but also kind and full of compassion.

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