Why did Iyanya move to Mavin Records?

Why did Iyanya move to Mavin Records? Is he hiding a scandal? Brief explanations of the singer’s decision are already gathered here! Do not miss it!

Iyanya songs

Iyanya decided to move to Mavin Records. New Iyanya songs will be created together with this famous label.

Iyanya proves that it’s official that he is now a Mavin performer and he has dropped his first single called Up 2 Sumting on Mavin label. New Iyanya album will be presented by Mavin too.

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Iyanya interview opened some secrets of this cooperation. He was very honest, he said it wasn’t planned, but it just happened. He even could not remember when exactly he left Made Men Records. In any case it took him a few months to make this serious decision. So after a singer released his single, Gift, in 2015, he left Made Men Music and immediately joined Temple Management.

He needed to cooperate with someone who understands his music as he did and could help him to fulfill the dream of getting his music right. And that was the reason why he went to Don Jazzy. Iyanya chose him as he realized the need to work with a person, who could bring out the true Iyanya, who is the singing performer Iyanya, and at the same time, with the commercial music.

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A singer felt like in the last years he has tried to be too commercial, which took away the originality of his music and craft.  Did Iyanya move to Mavin Records with some sorry?  No, certainly with no doubt or regrets. He loves Mavin because they are a real family and he now sees why they have been successful all the time. They all work as one and that’s why it’s a great family to be together with.

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