Why did Olamide dye his son's hair?

Why did the performer decide to dye his kid’s hair? How did his fans react? Brief story, the latest photos and video are already gathered here! Do not miss it!

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Olamide latest news shocked his fans. Famous Nigerian performer, whose name is Olamide ‘Badoo’, has dyed his one-year-old son’s hair some time ago. The photos of the performer and his son with matching hair styles exploded the web.

Most of Olamide's followers felt that it was really extreme idea for a one-year-old kid.

Recently Olamide in an interview told that dyeing his kid’s hair was deliberate. The performer was just jumping on that popular trend. He also added that he did his best to raise his son in the right way. He said that he tried as much as he could to spend time with his kid and make sure that he was a part of the day of his son.

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Olamide Instagram always has different new photos. However, this post first appeared on Nigerian Celebrity News and Latest Entertainment News.

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