Why did Rob Kardashian unfollow Blac Chyna on Instagram?

Latest news of the Kardashian family. Did Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna break up again? Why did Rob delete all their photos from his Instagram? Find out here right now!

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

The relationship between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna always attract the attention of the audience. And finally people found out the reason why Rob Kardashian keeps unfollowing Blac Chyna and then deletes all their photos from his Instagram. In the newest episode of the reality TV show star told that his pregnant girlfriend always gets pissed very easily and then kicks Rob out of their home.

Now, a boy decides to give a lady some space. Rob said Chyna and he had got in a fight, so a girl kicked him out. The man added that he was going to let her be and also give her some space. In July, Rob decided to clean his page, and so new Rob Kardashian Instagram sparked the reactions on social media.

Kardashian and Chyna

While some people think it is a publicity stunt, a lot of others consider that the couple is having real problems. Yesterday, Kardashian fans were very surprised to see that Rob has just deleted all the photos with Blac Chyna and unfollowed his pregnant girlfriend again.

This situation of him being kicked out their house had already happened a few times and usually he went right back. But now he says he is sick of it. So Rob is going to stay at his house in Calabasas for a while. He made a real confessional, talking about their relationship.

Rob Kardashian and girlfriend

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He also said it is not a good feeling when you often get kicked out. But Chyna at the same time characterizes their relationship as peaceful and united. Yesterday, in her interview with Ryan Seacrest, Chyna told that they are making a lot plans for their family.

Also a model added that first they have a baby and then some other things will come, the wedding will follow after very soon. She said that they consider that their baby is much more important right now.

Rob Blac Chyna

What relationship the couple will have after the birth of their child, we will see. What do you think? Will they be together?

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