Why did this Yoruba actress strip before other actors?

Young Yoruba actress could not keep her emotions and stripped before a group of actors. Does the news seem interesting?

tonia okoro

Tonia Ferrari Okoro has played a leading role in a public scandal recently. Tonia Okoro a beautiful Yoruba actress. She is making a very successful career in a film industry. More than that she is a famous extra sized bum Yoruba actress. Tonia Okoro did not hesitate to strip for some doubting actors just to prove that her bum is not planted but natural.

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tonia okoro

Yoruba actress

The movie actress has done a couple of films that got top ratings in the industry. Also, she is blessed with both great boobs and bum.

As Tonia shares, it is her bum that has caused her the major embarrassment of her life.

Tonia is a child of a Cameroonian mother to a Delta State father. Nevertheless, she is making steps up as a Yoruba actress.

tonia okoro

Yoruba actress scandal

According to her comments, that she had to strip when some actors accused her of wearing artificial hips and bum. At first, she thought it was a joke, but they were dead serious about it.

They went on and on while discussion about it. So, Tonia had to prove it to them her originality. She did nothing but pulled down her jeans and showed them a previously discussed naked bum.

The actors were surprised and could not talk for moments. Yoruba movies actress is sure to have a young and beautiful bum. It was so crazy. The attempt to prove was so unexpectable that she couldn’t believe she did what she did. Everybody was confused.

tonia okoro

Frankly speaking, Tonia Okoro was not noticed in public scandals, but their accusation made her lose her head.

After pulling down her jeans the Yoruba actress told them to touch it, but they stared at it in amazement.

After all the incident taught young lady not to take what some people say seriously as some people don’t even have an idea of what they are talking about.

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