Why does Kaffy, nigerian dancer, hate Davido?

What did Kaffy, Nigerian dancer, blame singer for? Why did she have to apologize? Check up the video that created a real scandal here! Do not miss it!

kaffy nigerian dancer

In a controversial video that appeared online few days ago, Davido was blasted by Kaffy, Nigerian dancer, for kicking off some dancers off his stage.

In the video Kaffy told that message went out to Mr. Omo Baba Olowo. She asked Mr. Kamal to help her tell Davido that he was a motherfucker. She told that was the opinion of all the dancers all over Nigeria. She insisted that they helped him when he was just a rising star, but then he fired dancers after he had become successful, so he told that he did not need dancers.

This was the reaction to Davido’s decision to send dancers from his stage. Kaffy the dancer warned other artistes, who don’t have any regards for dancers.

kaffy dancing

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She also wrote on her Instagram page that it’s alright if artiste doesn’t need them. Kaffy considered it was very disrespectful. She added that all they need was respect.

Her message was for those people, who disrespectfully behave with dancers especially. She added that if Davido did not want dancers, he should tell it way before he agreed to allow them dancing. However, he climbed the stage, decided that he did not need dancers again. He also told the dancers not to come near him while he performs.

She apologized or Kaffy ‘dancing on the edge’

kaffy the dancer

A bit after the story of Kaffy blaming Davido, for getting rid of his dancers on stage (they perform with Davido at the 3 Thrones concert), Kaffy decided to apologize.

Kaffy used social media but this time in order to apologize for her unpleasant use of profane words against Davido and a few other performers.

She told that she wanted to apologize profusely for her profanity. She said it was ‘not how she rolled’. She called herself a person, who promoted discipline and respect among all the dancers towards all their clients and one another.

kaffy dance school

However she added that issue was real. As they all deserve respect as dancers have already become part of the huge building block of our entertainment world. Kaffy told that they communicated using their bodies what words and sound would never express. Kaffy dance is more than just a motion. No wonder, she behaves like that as Kaffy dance school must also be protected.

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