Why does Tonto Dikeh-Churchill take a brake from acting?

Tonto Dikeh spoke about the personal latest news. She is a charming actress, and you probably remember her thanks for excellent movies - Total Love or Mortal Desire. She is recently learned how to be a mom and gladly tells about this happiness in this article. Do you want to know about it? Read below, and it is very interesting, especially photos :)

Tonto Dikeh's son

Tonto Dikeh-Churchill is a famous actress who is known for her successful career in Nollywood and her breathtaking face. Tonto Dikeh became a loving wife, and beautiful mother in 2016, and this event really affected her acting career. Her list of extensive movies includes Total Love, Final Hour, Mortal Desire and Love my way.

She recently gave an interview to The Sun in which the shared her experiences about a personal life and she told how motherhood affects the career.

I have not worked in any production after marriage because I have been busy in my primary duties as a wife and mother. I need adequate time to build a solid foundation for my family and for a sustainable home. And I hope to be back in no distant time. – she said

Tonto Dikeh and husband

Nollywood actress and mother of one also told the press that does not regret the refusal of some acting roles

As a married woman a lot of things change in your life. Of course, you must have some sense of responsibility in decision making, because it is not just about your life anymore, you have a family to take care of. So, for the respect I have for my head, who is my husband and my neck, who is my son, I can’t play certain roles anymore. And I don’t have any regrets because my family comes first in all I do.

Tonto Dikeh and son

Tonto Dikeh enjoys her motherhood, and even she proud of it: "By the special grace of God, I must say I am a fantastic mother to my son. Surprisingly, I have embraced the role of motherhood with ease, grace and love. Motherhood is a learning process which I am developing each day ". 

Tonto Dikeh

She is smiling when answers the question of motherhood and the most important role in her life - as a wife:

I am enjoying every bit of the experience. It has been a wonderful journey. To the glory of God I am thankful for the love I receive and also give. It is priceless. In fact, I am in love with my husband and son.

Tonto Dikeh and son

Tonto Dikeh-Churchill also openly talked about the experience of career, and the question “сould you share your labour room experience with us? “ - she answered:

Oh! My labour room experience was beautiful. It was a wonderful experience and may God be praised for all His mercies and love.

Tonto Dikeh

It's nice when celebrities are easy to communicate and easy to talk about the shortcomings. It's no secret that Tonto Dikeh-Churchill recently gave birth to a child. She talks without concealing about her excess postpartum weight, but promises soon to please fans and get in shape

Definitely, it is expected that I add a few pounds because I just gave birth. So, it is imperative to work on losing some weight for myself and the big screen.

Tonto Dikeh's cake

The River State-born actress also shared her secret to her shiny tanned skin, " Yes. Regardless of my busy schedule, I do spend time pampering myself. I call it my ‘me time’ where it is all about pampering my skin "

She is a caring mother uniquely!!!

Some young mothers don’t like breastfeeding their babies exclusively because of the fear of losing that girlish look, what method would you prefer? I strongly stand for breastfeeding. I always tell people I would love to breastfeed for a year because I know the benefits of breastfeeding. So, why should I deny my children their right? Although, some of our mothers may love to breastfeed their babies exclusively, due to health challenges, they find it difficult. However, all mothers are great! – she said

Tonto Dikeh and family

What would be your advice to young mothers on breastfeeding?

Mothers and intending mothers should find time to read articles on breastfeeding. It is important to educate ourselves on care for our children so that they can live healthy lives.

Tonto Dikeh and husband

Tonto Dikeh tells about her wedding, marriage, a husband with the incredible warmth. She thanks her husband for all he does for her and the baby.

If you know my husband, it would be hard to pick out what you like most about him because he is such a sweetheart. But I appreciate his efforts in making me a better woman. He has given me so much security as a husband. Honestly, I haven’t had anyone stand by me or want to protect me the way he does. I must appreciate him for all his love. I love him dearly. That’s why I call him my ‘King Kong’.

Married Tonto Dikeh

Married Tonto Dikeh become very feminine and attractive after marriage. It is easy to see that she is really in love and most importantly - she is happy

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Tonto Dikeh

Marriage is a blessing! It’s a new phase and level in life. Marriage from my point of view is awesome if you marry the right person. It is hell if you marry the wrong person. You will hear different stories from different folks. For me, I am waxing stronger and happier in marriage.

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