Why doesn't actress Omotola Jalade have friends in Nollywood?

Did you know that a real Nollywood beauty and the talented person claims that despite being so popular, she has no friends in Nollywood? Read more about it in the article.

Omotola Jalade

Famous Nollywood beauty, philanthropist and talented actress Omotola Jalade has thousands of fans all over the Africa, she is happy with her loving husband and four amazing children recently confessed that during the whole her actress career did not find any friends in Nollywood. She took part in the shooting of about 200 films but did not make friends.

Of course, her fans were quite surprised and a bit shocked when they found out this fact, despite being quite popular among other celebrities Omotola Jalade does not treat any of them as her friend.

She told about that in a recent interview, adding that she just has colleagues, not friends. She supposed that it is because she lives far from other actors and actresses or because she lives not very magnificently and is not very good at attending people.

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She also added that she was very lucky to marry her husband when she was quite young. She thinks that if she did not do that then, later it would be more difficult for other men to deal with her, because of her strong spirit and moral power. Her husband helped her to become that person who she is now, and if she did not marry him then, she would not be so happy today. She found a person who loves her with all her weaknesses.

Omotola Jalade

Omotola told that she is now not worried about a possible early marriage of her daughter, who is now 18 years old. She does not want to compare herself with her daughter and thinks that each person should live her own life.

So, you see that this extremely popular and talented woman is a very easy going person, who prefers to live a quiet life with her family in a calm area, dealing with ordinary human problems and loving her family.

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