Why ‘I am Сait’ is no longer shown on E! Channel?

People are wondering how Caitlyn Jenner now lives her life. How did her change affect her family life? ‘I am Cait’ show was about that. But suddenly the channel cancelled it. Do you want to know why?

On July 26 American television channel E! had a premiere of a documentary reality show ‘I am Cait’ about the life of Caitlyn Jenner, who (until recently) was known as Bruce Jenner. He was a decathlon Olympic champion, TV star and former stepfather of American celebrity Kim Kardashian. According to the publication The Independent, channel paid Caitlyn five million dollars for the participation in the show.

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What is transgender?

Bruce Jenner

The word ‘transgender’ brings together people with diverse gender identities other than cisgender (such as when psychological sex coincides with the biological). It’s more correct to say not ‘transgender’, but ‘transgender men’, ‘transgender women’, ‘transgender people’. They describe their own condition as ‘female soul in a male body’ or ‘male soul in the body of a woman’. They can perceive themselves as people, to which socially accepted notions of gender identity do not apply. That means they do not feel neither male nor female. The researchers found that at the age of 5 years old with the help of tests, you can determine how the child identifies his gender role.

It happens that a person born a man dates women by a certain age, but at the same time he feels he is a woman. After the change of sex this person will also continue to date women, but she is going to be homosexual. However, such a person may not experience sexual attraction to both sexes. Gender identity is not related to the sexual orientation: transgender, like everyone else, can have different orientation. Transvestite is a person, more or less frequent dressing and behaving as a representative of the opposite sex. Usually, they do not have a desire to correct sex.

TV show plot

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The main character of the show ‘I am Cait’ is Caitlyn Jenner – a man in past. The show is about how life changes after the sex reassignment. It’s a story about friends and acquaintances who help and support Cait and who do not understand her. She reaches not only the harmonious and happy life, but also tries to help others who feel the need to change their sex. Not everything goes fine: sometimes it’s difficult to start a new life, especially if they do not have support from their beloved ones.

 ‘I am Cait’ ratings

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At first rating was very high. And the channel was making huge money on it. But then the interest was decreasing. So ‘I am Cait’ was cancelled. The fans were extremely disappointed so was Caitlyn.

After Jenner made ‘coming out’ and appeared before the public with a new appearance, her popularity has reached unprecedented heights. Less than a month after her Twitter microblog got more than two and a half million subscribers. And media and paparazzi followed her every step.

Not surprisingly, the channel E! decided to take this step and invite Caitlyn to join their work. The size of the fee for her participation in the reality show was five million dollars. It is known that the contract signed with Jenner was about eight episodes, each of which will last for an hour.

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Viewers were able to learn about the everyday life of Caitlyn and the difficulties she faced as the 65-year-old woman on the way to her new life. In the promo you can see that Caitlyn talks about what it means to be a normal person for her.

US media believed that the reality show with Caitlyn in the title would be a serious competitor to the show of her relatives ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’. The show which has been on the same channel for several years. But it didn’t happen so. However, one of the most popular google searches still are ‘i am cait watch online’ and ‘i am cait streaming’.

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Caitlyn keep trying helping people. She talks with young transgender, supports them. Caitlyn tries to explain their families how to help them and make their life much easier.


Never before seen this TV show . Apparently , it is quite interesting , if you scored such great ratings to the same story of a man who starred in the television show is incredibly interesting to be , if the contract has been paid for five million dollars. Apparently already filmed eight episodes and the show will no longer display , and it is very disappointing some people. I really love the different reality television , and would be happy to look at it . Hopefully , it will be interesting . Good luck

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