Why is Davido's first single of 2016 delayed?

David Adedeji Adeleke who is a Nigerian by the origin chose for himself a stage name Davido, he is a famous artist, producer and entertainer.


In the same way, as for every singer, Davido has a great dream to release a new single, he hopes to do so, but unfortunately our desires do not always coincide with our dreams, well, he failed.

If to be more optimistic it can be said that there is no official comment concerning this issue. The release of the single was supposed to be on the 9 of September this year. As far as you concerned, the date has passed away, so it means that something has gone wrong.


The singer wrote on the social networks: «Happiest day of my life, finally got my date of release. September about to be a movie, best music and videos I ever made in my life.»

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Nevertheless, David Adedeji Adeleke is waiting for the release of his debut single under Sony Music. The Davido's Debut Single has such a foreshadow title «How Long». The video strip has already been filmed in July this year, Malibu, California, was chosen as a location for it, by the way, photos have already been released to the media to promote the project.


Sources familiar with the matter have also revealed such information that Sony Music’s decision to kick the release into the long grass might have been influenced by Wizkid.

Finally, the question - When will Davido present his debut single? - is still opened? Follow us, follow whatever you like just to be informed about his success in time!

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