Why is Genevieve Nnagi cooler than Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde?

Whom will you support in such big Nigerian battle? Genevieve Naji or Omotola Jalade? Today we are going to support Genevieve’s fans and give facts, which prove her victory! Read this article and learn more about it.


Genevieve Naji and Omotola Jalade are probably the most famous actresses in Nigeria. They both are successful beautiful ladies which achieved a lot in their careers. What do we know about them?

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Genevieve Naji is a Nigerian actress, model, and singer, who received the Academy of African film award as "Best Actress" in 2005. She grew up in Lagos, the economic capital of Nigeria. She was the fourth of eight children; her family belonged to the middle class: his father was an engineer, the mother was a teacher. After graduation, Genevieve went to the University of Lagos. Aged 8, Genevieve started acting in the popular soap opera "Ripples." She also appeared in commercials of the drink "Pronto," the detergent "Omo," etc. In 1998 at the age of 19, she starred in the movie "Most Wanted" and later in "Last Party," "Mark of the Beast" and "Ijele."


Omotola Jalade is a Nigerian actress, singer, philanthropist and former model. Since her Nollywood film debut in 1995, the leading actress has appeared in 300 films, selling millions of video copies. After receiving numerous high-profile awards, launching a music career, and amassing an excellent fan base, the press has reversed the Screen Nation "Best Actress" as the "African Magic." She is the first African celebrity to receive over 1 million likes on her Facebook page. She currently has a total of 3 million followers on Facebook.


It’s always been a big battle between them two. Someone says that Geneveive is brilliant, the other that Omotola is much more cooler. There are lots of proves and gossips about it.

And today we give you another confirmation of the superiority of one over another. We really recommend calming to Omotola fans. Here is a list of 8 things why Genevieve is cooler than Jalade-Ekeind.

Check them out below:

1. Genevieve started her career much earlier than Omotola. Worth saying that it was truly successful. She made her debut in 1987 in the TV soap opera Ripples at the age of 8.

2. She was the first to get international recognition when she was described as the 'Juliet Roberts of Africa' by Oprah Winfrey in 2003.

3. She is more successful in the corporate world of Nigeria. Her deals with Lux, Range Rover, Etisalat, MUD, and her own fashion line St. Genevieve make her more famous, successful and recognizable than Omotola.

4. Genevieve and Omotola have national awards. But in such battle Genevieve wins, because she was the first to receive the honor.She was awarded the Order of the Federal Republic in 2011.


5. Between the two stars, she is the first to give up a music career made up of little talent which was going nowhere. Unfortunately, Omotola still believes she has a shot in music which has slightly dented her brand.

6. One more detail to prove that Genevieve is better is that she has 10 major awards in the course of her career.

7.The number of movies in which Genevieve has starred during her long actress career is more than 80.

8. The other interesting facts is that Genevieve has over 283,000 followers on Instagram.

Of course, there aren’t all the facts of the Genevieve’s superiority, but the main. What do you think about them? Whom do you support and like? Share your opinion with us and other fans!

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