Why is Linda Ikeji in trouble over money?

Does Linda Ikeji risk to lose some significant sums of money? Find out why.

Linda Ikeji trouble

Nigeria has many personalities, who regularly create a buzz in all kinds of media. Linda Ikeji is one of them and no wonder. She is the top blogger and gossip. This time, she got in the news over her trouble with money.

Linda’s trouble with lawyer

Jut when her beef with Wizkid came to an end, Linda Ikeji got problems with a Lagos lawyer. His name is Olumide Babalola. He filed an application to the court for using an offensive photo of him on the blog. The man visited the USA and got an award for his great business skills and excellence. In the past, he asked the blogger to drop this topic and never mention his name again.

Obviously, she did not take heed to what he said. Since he is a lawyer, he sued her and set an amount of compensation for damaging his reputation as high as 50 000 US dollars. The hearing is to take place in September 2016.

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i trouble with tax

Linda Ikeji trouble with tax

A musician and a lawyer are not the only ones offended by what this lady says or does. Now she has to deal with a more threatening foe – FIRS (Federal Inland Revenue Service). The workers of this service believe the famous gossip avoids paying tax in full and still owes them over N75 million!

 trouble with  lawyer

Apparently, she has some property she forgot to declare, such as her Banana Island home. Supposedly it is worth over N 500 million. So, she might face another case in the court.

Presently Linda said nothing about the tax problem, but surely she would have plenty to say on her blog.

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