Why is there so much social media attention for Osita Iheme's dog?

Osita Iheme was insulted and trolled in his owned Instagram page! What happened? How is it connected with his dog? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about this scandal here!

Osita Iheme's dog

Osita Iheme is well-known as Pawpaw has recently shared his photo with a rather big dog. But fans did not admire it, but began to troll him writing insulting comments. Since Osita Iheme wedding, it is another chance for people to make fun on actor.

His Dalmatian dog has almost the same height as the comic actor. So the fans found it very amusing and good enough to make jokes on, writing different comments.

Osita Iheme's instagram

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However, during the whole Osita Iheme biography he had gotten a lot of admires. So most of fans covered his back, saying that it was totally wrong to troll Pawpaw over his height. As it was not his fault or his choice.

Instagram users wrote: ‘Who is taking who out?’ As for now Osita Iheme did not comment haters’ reaction on his photo.

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