Why Justin Bieber removed his Instagram account?

What made the popular singer delete his Instagram profile? If you are curious what happened to him, read this article and find out!

Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram account

Justin Bieber has disappointed all his fans! The popular singer deleted his Instagram account which made a lot of his fans really mad.

At first he made it private because of the huge amount of negative comments from people who didn’t approve his new girlfriend.

He started posting the photos of Sofia Richie and most of the people don’t like her because of the numerous rumours. At first Bieber threatened to make his account private because he was tired of all this hatred.

And that’s exactly what he did. But today he deleted his Instagram profile so it doesn’t exist anymore. Selena Gomez who the singer has dated for a while also commented some of his pictures.

She said that his fans weren’t guilty of anything and they just shared their opinion. She also said that the singer cheated on her when they were dating.

The reason why the fans don’t like the idea of Sofia and Justin dating is the age difference – Bieber is 22 and his new girlfriend is just 17.

Justin Bieber said, “I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people that I like”. 

Gomez also responded to that. She wrote that he should have stopped posting the pictures of Sofia if everyone hated her.

Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram account

Something you didn’t know about Justin Bieber

The names of his parents are Patricia “Pattie” Mallette and Jeremy Jack Bieber. It’s an interesting fact that they were never actually married but stayed together for a long time.

After that they broke up and his dad married another woman and now the singer has step-sisters. Justin Bieber really loves onesies. He says he would do anything to get those. He thinks they are really comfortable and cute!

He really loves Drake and thinks that he is a great performer. Sometimes he thinks of him as an older brother, according to the singer’s managers.

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Justin really hates the word “swag”. He says he would rather not use it as it’s not popular anymore and no one says it anymore. He really loves his sister and would do anything for her.

The dad of Justin Bieber used to be a MMA fighter! Justin really loves all of his fans. Sometimes he even says that he considers all his fans his girlfriends, which is really cool to hear if you are a female fan of him.

Moreover, he loves to read all the comments that they leave and he tries to answer all of them back! His favourite social network is Twitter. His favourite type of candies is sour patch kids!

Bieber became famous thanks to his mom. She posted a few videos of him singing on YouTube and he became really popular. He really loves Teddy Bears and has two right now – Mr Bear and Willis.

Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram account

The famous singer Usher helped Justin a lot throughout his career. He actually was the one who made him famous. Even though they had some problems at first, Usher changed his mind and everything went pretty cool.

If Justin could choose to have any superpower, it would definitely be the ability to fly. Justin Bieber’s favourite ice cream is cotton candy ice cream.

Right now the popular singer is the resident of the house in Los Angeles whose former owner was Britney Spears. He really loves Will Smith. He helps him a lot and he considers him a real mentor.

They talk to each other on the phone from time to time. One of his favourite films is the Notebook, the romantic movie with Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.

In 2001 Justin made a movie about himself and his achievements. It was called Never Say Never and it became really successful – millions of people went to the cinemas to see it.

Captain Crunch with berries is what he loves the most to eat as breakfast. His best friends are named Chaz Somers and Ryan Butler. He is not a big fan of TV shows but one of his favourite ones is Friends.

Justin Drew Bieber is the singer’s full name. According to some rumours, his haircuts are really expensive – they cost him about $800.

Few years ago the video of Justin peeing in the bucket became viral – all of his fans, friends and relatives saw it but he doesn’t have anything to say about it.

Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram account

Bieber doesn’t have that many friends and he trusts a small group of people, according to his own words. These people would be his mom and dad. 

He has a huge amount of followers on Twitter – more than all the residents in Canada! Canada is his motherland. Justin is really good friends with Kim Kardashian. They talk all the time and it seems like they really enjoy it!

One thing that the singer really hates is asparagus. FreeTypingGame.net is the website that he likes the most. 6 is the favourite number of Justin Bieber.

He was very active in high school. He was a member of soccer and hockey school teams. Moreover, he also loved chess classes!

Justin Bieber can play several instruments that include drums, guitar, trumpet and piano. He taught himself to do it! The singer admires Beyonce. When they met she also really liked him so the feeling is mutual!

Bieber speaks French perfectly! Moreover, he also knows a little bit of German. Toronto Maple Leaves is the singer’s favourite hockey team!

These are the facts about Justin Bieber that you should know about him if you are his fan!

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