Why Lil Kesh might leave YBNL boss Olamide?

Did you hear the latest news about Lil Kesh and Olamide cooperation? Read the article to learn all recent rumors!

Recent rumors said that famous Nigerian singer Lil Kesh is going to stop cooperation with one of the largest studios of sound recordings in the country. It was founded by Olamide. According to the latest data, the musician made it to create his own studio.

YBNL boss Olamide

However, YBNL boss and Kesh haven't given any comment about these gossips yet. The only thing that can be told precisely is that leaving of the singer can please Olamide. Once the owner of YBNL nation declared that he will be very glad to beginning of new business among those people who concluded the contract with him. He sincerely tries to support everyone.

As it became known, the contract of the rapper with Olamide has ended recently. The musician probably doesn’t want to prolong its term after two years of collaboration.

Lil Kesh album

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In 2 years of cooperation musician managed to create a set of songs which were popular among the public. For example, recent Lil Kesh album was written down in this studio and made a great success.

Of course, it is also still unknown how the singer will call his brand. There is an opinion that his new studio will be called Y.A.G.I, as well as recent album.

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