Why Tonto Dikeh keeps her body fat?

Why Tonto Dikeh doesn’t want to lose her kilos? Why she keeps her body fat? Find out absorbing facts here!

Tonto Dikeh

Who is she in a few words?

Tonto Dikeh  is a Nigerian actress and singer from Rivers State and is of the Ikwerre tribe.

Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh is movies and television star. In 2005, she participated in reality TV show called The Next Movie Star; she was the first runner-up. 

Tonto Dikeh

Also, she tried herself in the Music industry after enjoying acting several movies. She had once featured in a music video owned by Amaco investments where she and Patience Ozokwor were called to mime the song. She  released singles 'Hi' and 'Itz Ova' feat Snypa.

Tonto Dikeh

Interesting to know that Tonto was known in Nollywood as a chain smoker and had started smoking since the age of 14 but she recently testified that she stopped smoking after prayers with Pastor T.B. Joshua via his Christian television station Emmanuel TV.

Tonto Dikeh

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The happiest wife

 In August 2015 Tonto married Oladunni Churchill who is the nephew of former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo.  Recently Tonto Dikeh‘s husband surprised the actress and new mum with a birthday dinner which took place in Abuja.

Tonto Dikeh

The actress was surrounded by her close friends including her personal stylist Swanky Jerry and her darling husband, Oladunni Churchill.

Tonto Dikeh

Why she keeps her body fat?

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh-Churchilld doesn't want to lose the baby weight. In fact, she seems to be enjoying the extra pounds brought on by her nine months sojourn.

Tonto Dikeh

The former controversial diva who has quieted down since marriage to husband Oladunni Churchill is loving her body. Some of her fans have asked her to lose weight so she can look as hot as she was before giving birth. She thinks otherwise.

Tonto Dikeh

According to Tonto, she is keeping her body fat so she can breastfeed her child.  Here is what she said about it in social media: "I use to think my Baby gat a big head(No offense My world,You know I love ur head big time) until I started breastfeeding I knew what big was.. #breastilicous #Big&Proud #Dont bother about my weight I will drop it like a sack as and when it’s time..My child needs the breast milk, and I can’t deprive him of that cos of Figure 8.."

Tonto Dikeh

It’s magnificent if the woman can enjoy herself in any weight. Tonto loves herself and looks amazing even with a few more kilos.


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