Why was Mercy Johnson rejected by Nollywood for several times?

The actress Mercy Johnson said in an interview that Nollywood producers rejected her. Let’s see why Mercy Johnson was rejected several times in Nollywood. Is it true? Just continue reading our article to get to know about it!

Mercy Johnson

The actress Mercy Johnson said in an interview that Nollywood producers rejected her because of her dark skin colour. Is it true?Just continue reading our article to get to know about it!

The well-known and popular Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson said in an interview that before she became widely known, she has faced great difficulties because of her dark color of skin. The mother of three children and the Nollywood actress openly said in an interview with Saturday Beats, that at the beginning of her career, some producers repeatedly rejected it because of dark skin.

Mercy Johnson

Read what she exactly said…!

Mercy said, “It is very true that when I was starting out in the movie industry, it was difficult to get roles because of my complexion. I faced that a lot and I tell people that my success is just grace. Somebody once told me that I am too dark but that is where the grace and favour of God comes in. Regardless of everything, most of the dark-skinned actresses that are my contemporaries made it.”

Mercy Johnson

The actress Mercy Johnson also told the magazine that it would be unjust of anyone to say that it shows in any film without any consideration

“It is not true that I pick just any movie role. People are different and what appeals to one person might not appeal to the other. One of my most popular movies is ‘Dumebi Goes to School’ and I know how many actresses rejected that script before I accepted to do it. That movie has been one of the highest selling movies in Nollywood till date. I think it is not fair for anyone to say I just jump on any movie production.

Mercy Johnson

As human beings, our strength is in our diversity and differences; this means that what you call trash might not be trash to someone else. I select my scripts and I work with all of my heart because acting is my passion. When I read a script and it appeals to me, I have fun while I do it,” - added Mercy.

This explains why the majority of women in Nollywood settle for skin bleaching.

Mercy Johnson

What do you know about Mercy Johnson biography? Wikipedia says that Mercy Johnson Okojie was born August 28, 1984 in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a Nigerian actress.

Mercy Johnson Okojie hails from Okene in Kogi State. Born in Lagos to a former naval officer, Mr Daniel Johnson & Mrs Elizabeth Johnson, she is the fourth child in a family of seven. She started her primary education in Calabar, her father being a naval officer was later transferred to Lagos state where she continued her education at the Nigerian Navy Primary School. She later went to Rivers State Secondary School for her secondary education in addition to Nigerian Navy Secondary School in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Mercy Johnson and her family

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Right after her secondary education, she auditioned for a role in ‘the Maid’ a movie that’s to launch her into stardom. Mercy's outstanding performance in that movie paved the way for her into getting more roles in movies such as Hustlers, Baby Oku in America, War in the Palace and many more. She is now one of the most sought after Nollywood actresses. Mercy Johnson won the Best Actress award at Africa Magic Viewer's Choice Awards in 2013. By December 2013, Mercy Johnson was listed as Google's Most Searched Nollywood Celebrity, a position she also held in 2012.

Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson married Prince Odianosen Okojie in 2011 and they have 3 children together, 2 girls and 1 boy. Purity Ozioma Okojie b. 2013, Henry Ozioma Okojie b. 2014 and Angel Onosetale Okojie b. 2015. All born in Maryland United States.

Mercy Johnson and her husband

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