Why Wizkid is the most popular Nigerian musician on Twitter?

Who is the most popular Nigerian celebrity on Twitter? Find out now and learn why.

Social Media has become the place for rapper and singer fans to show their love, post news and for the Nigerian celebrities to share their photos. There are many Nigerian names you can find on Twitter, such as Tiwa Savage or Olamide, but none of them surpasses Wizkid in popularity.

How popular is Wizkid on Twitter?

How popular is Wizkid on Twitter?

Presently he has over 2 000 000 followers on this social media. And no wonder, as he has joined Twitter in 2009. To start with he had only 250 000+ and has been able to grow his fan base immensely. Many Nigerians just love Twitter as it allows them to chat freely with their pals. And they show their love and share news on Wizkid there.

wizkid #1 on twiiter

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Who comes next? Well, it is Davido with 1.7 million fans and Don Jazzy with almost 1.5 million. Even the Okoye twins and 2baba or D’Banj lag far behind Wizkid! So, if you wish to get all the latest news from your favorite celebrities, like them on Twitter. 


Social networks now it is very popular, as many countries are participating in them, many young people spend in them a lot of time. So celebrities use them, as through them you can earn big PR, many fans are now writing, and try to attract their attention through sotsealnye network. Through them, you can earn a good PR, but as good and bad. And the musicians, especially young ones, use it. Since a good producer is now very hard to find, and in networks, open great opportunities. So let's follow the news.

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