Will D’Banj win over the Hollywood soon?

D'Banj is in South Africa now, what is next? Will he go to take over Hollywood? Find out now.

D’Banj is listed among the most popular and richest Nigerian musicians. He has founded DB Records Company, which makes him also a successful businessman. It seems like he would not limit his activities to Nigeria alone. He has started small and worked as a security guard, but not he aims to win over Hollywood!

d'banj in hollywood

What is the latest D’Banj news?

d'banj news

Presently D’Banj works as one of the LipSync Battle Africa in South Africa. He no longer positions himself as a musician, but as an entertainer. In one of his radio interviews D’Banj said that Africa is no longer enough for him and he aims at taking Hollywood by storm. He may also get up a new reality show.

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For now D’Banj remains unmarried, which hugely worries his mother. That notable lady thinks that his fame gets in the way and stops him from starting a family. Still, he is determined to go to USA and boost his career by becoming popular in Hollywood. 


It is already a very accomplished so much, maybe he just does not want to conquer other countries, and true to his country. Of course it is done in such years is achieved such success is not given to everyone, and this is already done so much. Maybe it just enough that he can, and now just want to live for yourself, and not to conquer Hollywood. It is certainly handsome, probably a lot of women want to marry him, has a lot of fans, I would itself would not mind to meet him. Thanks for the article, it was very interesting to read about this great musician.

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