Will leaked lesbian sex tape bring Miss Anambra a new award?

At first, Сhidinma Okeke filmed in a lesbian porn video and then she gets a reward. Is it right from a moral point of view? Let's deal!

Chidinma Okeke Award

Ex-Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke, who so often appear in the news lately because of the lesbian sex tape leaked, which has become viral on the net, should be recognized and rewarded for excellent durability as Queen of Gold At the Divas Award.

This award should be given to her for outstanding strength, despite the difficult situation after the negative reaction to the leaked tape.

More specifically the award by the Divas is “for not giving up during trying times and staying strong against all odds.”

Chidinma Okeke Award

Сhidinma Okeke's lesbian sex video became viral on the net soon after she won the pageantry.

Ex-Miss Anambra was backlashed and criticized for her involvement in the video, tagged by many as immoral.

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Social media platforms constantly buzzed with the news, which led to her leaving the country to seek asylum in an undisclosed foreign country until the heat blows over.

Chidinma Okeke Award

The beauty queen, who had initially claimed to have been photoshopped into the video, was said to have had a breakdown as a result of the situation.

The award was created as a way of supporting dethroned Miss Anambra 2015 and commending the good works she did while in office.

It will take place on the 18th of December, 2016. The main event is scheduled to hold by 9 pm, after the red carpet.

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