Will Linda Ikeji Social project achieve success?

Did you hear about new social media app of Linda Ikeji? Read more in the article.


Notorious and the highest paid Nigerian blogger and writer Linda Ikeji, who does not leave pages of magazines and newspapers, has decided to develop her new business idea. She again fueled the flame, creating her own social media app, called LIS- Linda Ikeji Social.

In August blogger announced the appearance of something extremely new, fresh and titanic. People started setting out different leads about what it could be: a new program on TV, radio program or some recording studio. But she surprised everyone and launched her own media app, which in general combines popular social networks and her own blog. She did it to ease her communication with her fans.

If you want to join this app, you should create your personal account; you can even join it with the help of your Facebook account. Also, you can invite your friends to this add, with the help of different other social networks.

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With the help of this app, people can find new friends, communicate with each other, have direct connected with the blog of Linda Ikeji and also get some profit for their activity.

The most unusual and unique fact about this app is that every user gets money for each of their original posts, about 1000N. Even though the payment is not big, people wait for this function with impatience.

Linda Ikeji success

Soon after the launching of the media, users started complaining about some problem with the connection, they said that they could not enter the site for a long time and were not able to log in.

It is an intrigue whether this media app will be popular and successful. But we suppose that this idea will be profitable for Linda.

  • First of all, because she knows her audience perfectly, she knows what these people want to see. And she uses this knowledge with masterly skill, catering for them.
  • Secondly, she is quite a popular person and has a big amount of fans, which will support her activity in any case, even if the app would not be as impressing as Linda hopes.
  • Thirdly, people will have to create their own accounts if they want more interaction with famous blogger. Big amount of accounts lets her cultivate more ideas and develop her social media.
  • Fourth, very promising is the fact, that users of LIS will get money for unique content. And this will stimulate people for more activity.

Actually, we cannot judge now about this new social media app of Linda Ikeji, because it is very new and is just developing. But later we all be able to decide if this new app is successful or not.

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