Will Lupita Nyong'o repeat her success at Broadway?

Could any Nigerian actress repeat the success of Kenyan Lupita and receive Oscar? Learn the latest news on this lady.

Lupita Nyong’o is a prominent actress, known not only in Nigeria, but in the world. Let’s get to know more about her success in career and personal life.

Will Lupita Nyong'o at Broadway?

Lupita Nyong’o biography

She was born in Mexico in 1983. Both of Lupita Nyong'o parents are of Kenyan origin. Nevertheless, she is often called a Kenyan-Mexican. She grew up in big family with 5 brothers and sisters. Lupita was the second child.

Will Lupita Nyong'o repeat her success

She leaved to Mexico for several years, because her father was Medical Services Minister during that time. And he was a lecturer of political science at El Colegio de México. However, in 1983, all of them came back to Kenya. Many people keep asking, where is Lupita Nyong'o originally from. Well, she is absolutely Kenyan, despite the fact that she spent much time abroad in Mexico. At 16, she was sent to study Spanish there. Lupita attended the lessons at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México's Learning Center for Foreigners.

Will Lupita on Broadway?

Her family has always been artistic. During the family gatherings, there always were children’s’ performances. Probably that’s why she is so fond of acting. She has started acting at school, participating in various plays. Her professional debut happened, when she was just 14. She acted as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet play in a Nairobi-based repertory company called Phoenix Players production. There were several celebrities, who had inspired her to become an actress as well. Among them, she enumerates Wh. Goldberg and O. Winfrey.

success Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita obtained a diploma in film and theatre studies at the US Hampshire College. She has featured in six worldwide-known movies by now. Besides, the actress has participated in TV shows and stage performances.

Lupita Nyong'o

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Recent achievements

According to the news, Nyong’o has recently taken part in one of the Broadway performances. It was actually her debut in a play called Eclipsed. Her family came to New York to support her.

Nigerian on Broadway

The actress also made several notes of what you should know before watching a performance. She also mentioned that it is the only show, written, directed and acted by women.

Well, it was just a debut. But will Nyong’o repeat her recent success on the stage? We will wait for the new achievements from the prominent Star Wars: Episode VII star.

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