Will president Buhari wish the Christian half of the country Merry Christmas?

Respect your president? Find out what he has done and said on the Christmas Eve.

This year Nigeria celebrates Christmas with the Muslim president as its head. The half of the population in Nigeria is Muslim and the other one is Christian. Will the new president wish Merry Christmas?

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On the Christmas Eve of 24th of December president Muhammadu Buhari wished the nation Merry Christmas, cause Tis the season! We wished peace and joy to his Christian brothers as well as to the rest of Nigerians and called us to remember the poor, needy and suffering people, especially the IDPs.

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He also expressed his desire for Nigeria to prosper and be in peace not only on this special day, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord, but also throughout the year. He called people to persevere the hardships and not to lose faith and hope for the better future and better life.

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“Please drive carefully” – this might be called the cutest and nicest ending of such a speech ever said by any president! Merry Christmas, Mr. Buhari and Merry Christmas Nigeria!

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Christmas - my favourite holiday! It so family and sincere, the miracle is simple! All of us it gathered behind a greater table and we eat holiday dishes behind pleasant conversation! Then goes to play snowballs on street and to do snow ангелков. We go for a drive on санках and it is jumped during a snow. Then we пьём hot chocolate with a zephyr and gingerbread little men. We speak much, we do photos and we enjoy the friend the friend. So pleasantly and easy on a shower, that all family together and near to you!

Answered 2 years ago.

I think Mr Buhari did not divide the people of the country on religious views. Country and one of the people who live there are a whole regardless of faith. All residents love and respect their president and expect him better future for their country. After all, the president should treat people as to their families. Gotta love, respect and care for their people.

Answered 2 years ago.

We know that half of the population of Nigeria are Christians and that now in this country is a complicated situation with religion. Regardless of whether will congratulate the president of the country's Christians on the occasion of Christmas or not, I believe that the Government of Nigeria will find the way of reconciliation and understanding among the people of Nigeria. Sometimes it's hard to accept someone else's choice, but our goal is not only to Express their opinion but to be able to understand someone else's opinion. I think that Nigeria will be one of the first African countries where agreements have been reached between different religious faiths.

Answered 2 years ago.
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