Will sex tape with Hulk Hogan bankrupt Gawker Media?

What do you know about sex scandal where Hulk Hogan was involved? How Hulk Hogan paid for the revealing his sex tape by the media?

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan apparently may knock out opponent not only in the ring. The former WWE champion managed to strip out the Gawker Media company for publishing a sex tape where he was filmed having sex with his friend`s wife. It is a sure proof that Hulk Hogan WWE champion can certainly hit people not only on the ring in colorful costume but also in a court. Nick Denton, who is a founder of Gawker Media, filled the list for bankruptcy protection in the case to stop mighty Hogan from seizing the assets. It seems that former wrestler does not agree to leave his opponent just beaten he wants total illumination.

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According to the decision of the court in Florida state, former wrestler Hulk Hogan is allowed to collect $140 million from Nick Denton`s company. The court decided that publication of sexual materials where the WWE champion took action provided unsustainable damage to his life and security, that`s why the publisher of materials should provide sustainable compensation for Hulk Hogan`s suffering. Nevertheless, Gawker Media decided to show one last ace up the sleeve and filed under Chapter 11 of bankruptcy protection. In that case, WWE champion would not be granted to have any payment from Denton.

WWE Champion

Denton claims to have no more than $10-15 million in his assets according to his copy of Chapter 11 bankruptcy list. According to Denton, he managed to sell his company to the Ziff Davis publishing group. Moreover, he was proud that despite severe pressure from outside, Gawker managed to sustain as an independent source of news for more than a decade. Nevertheless, one of his last statements were referred to billionaires that can bully journalists without punishment. The case with Hulk Hogan also raised a social question of whether the influential individuals can use their connections and powers to silent independent media.

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