Wizkid Instagram: who is the baddest there?

What interesting posts can be seen in Instagram of the famous rapper? Read the article and you'll learn more about Wizkid profile.

The stars of the Nigerian stage actively use social media. In this regard there is a question: what profile is better and what is worse? We have made the review on the page of one of the most widely famous rappers – Wizkid. Let's look at Wizkidayo Instagram and learn who is better and worse there.

Wizkid Instagram

Instagram of the performer totals about 1.7 million subscribers. For all the time of existence of this profile he has made more than 1300 publications. Wizkid pics on Instagram show different events and announcements from the singer's life. For example, at the recent published photo the rapper made the announcement of his new single. He has also expressed grief concerning death of the great musician Papa Wemba.

Wizkidayo Instagram

Further he has posted the photo and reference to new video clip of his colleagues on a scene. Besides Wizkid Instagram pictures, there are many videos from live speeches of the actor. In general, the profile deserves to be visited.

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Wizkid pics on Instagram

If to compare the musician's profile to accounts of other well-known rappers, then it is possible to tell that he is not the most successful. Davido has more subscribers – about 2 million. However, Wizkidayo Instagram has more admirers than other famous singer – Olamide, who has only 1.1 million.

But Wizkid twitter has the greatest success – he has more than 2 million readers. This is more than two above-mentioned rappers have.

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