Wizkid news: has he really become an international music star?

Why is there so much buzz about Wizkid these days? Learn how he has turned into an international music star.

Nigeria has many talented musicians, such as Olamide (the YBNL boss) or Davido, but Wizkid seems to have chosen the right path to success. He decided to widen his reach range and took his music to USA. The latest news on Wizkid ft Drake “One dance” song has turned him into an international newsmaker for Nigeria.

Wizkid international music star?

Has Wizkid turned into a global mega star?

This far Wizkid news has been pretty exciting. He is the only Nigerian musician who got on iTunes charts. And these musicians were not chosen by some jury, but rather by people, who listened to thousands of songs from all over the world. They decided to pick Wizkid for his talent and creativity.

Wizkid news 2016

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He started on the 12th spot in the ranking, but things are getting better! Presently he moved up to the 11th spot. And he is #1 among the Nigerian performers. It seems like Wizkid managed to outpace the YBNL boss Olamide in his career!

What is more Drake and Wizkid song “One dance” takes the second position on the chart of the 100 hottest world’s hits. They are second only to a duo of Beyonce and Rihanna. Not bad for a naija boy!

 music star?

More Wizkid news from abroad

Amazing, but currently people from Denmark top the list of those, who buy Wizkid songs from iTunes! Isn’t that amazing? And Prince (already dead super star from US) takes 9th position on the same chart. What a success. Thus, we can boldly say that Wizkid is the #1 Nigerian music newsmaker in the world and the most popular among all other Naija rappers.


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