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Who do you think is the best rapper ever? Read this article and find out about the most famous and richest rappers.

Rap is a relatively new musical direction, but it is firmly rooted in the modern culture, giving rise to dozens of characters, and it’s never going to disappear. It’s quite difficult to choose the world best rapper of all time, but there definitely are some very important people who influenced the development of rap and hip hop.

ice cube

They are the modern rappers and the representatives of the old school, who were the first to discover this music genre.

World best rappers top 10

10. Ice Cube

Ice Cube is considered to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. He started in the group N.W.A., becoming the author of the most songs, and then continued his career as a solo artist. The first solo album AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted instantly became a hit and it’s still popular nowadays.

 9. Snoop Dogg

There’s no way Snoop Dogg is not on the Top 10 list. His good friend Dr. Dre helped the musician to get to the top of the hip-hop scene. His feature is a quite calm lyrical style of singing.

8. LL Cool J

He is the representative of the old school rap. He became the symbol of '80s hip-hop scene, and his song Mama Said Knock You Out instantly became a classic.

ll cool j

LL Cool J was not only a talented rapper, but also a good actor, TV host and a businessman owning his own brand of clothing. He was also a co-owner of several record labels.

7. Kurtis Blow (Curtis Blow)

Curtis Blow became a pioneer who made rap music popular and has proven that it can make money. He was the godfather of old school rap. If you don’t agree - listen to The Breaks.

6. Rakim

Rakim represents the old school. He became famous really fast after recording Paid in Full, which immediately hit the top ten most popular songs on the radio. It was his clear articulation and complex texts.

It took him a long time to make it perfect and he achieved his goal. He had a strong influence on the current generation of rappers.



It is not one person but a group of people who were one of the first of hip-hop artists. They defined the modern look of rap, which boldly combines different styles.

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They first released an album with their songs which became increasingly popular. They helped Aerosmith to get back on stage by writing their song Walk This Way in 1986. This old school band still gathers crowds of people on their concerts.

4. Eminem

He is the only white rapper in the top 10 world best rappers. Dr. Dre helped him reach the big stage. Eminem is famous for his complex texts about the society and his unique performance style.


3. The Notorious B.I. G.

Notorious B.I. G., also known as Biggie, was the king of the East Coast rap. He is not on the first place only because his early death didn’t give him a chance to build up his career.

However, he is still one of the hip-hop legends in the world. During his funeral hundreds of radio stations across the United States honoured his memory by the 30-second silence.

2. Jay-Z

He is the new king of East Coast rap, who started as being a low-class person and then made a fortune of half a billion dollars.

His manner and style of performance is truly unique. That’s why he is loved by millions of people around the world.

1. 2Pac

I think you have already guessed who the number one rapper in the world is considered to be. It’s the king of the West Coast - 2Pac.

 He was killed at the young age of 25 and some people believe that Notorious B.I. G.  - the East Coast rap King, wanted him to be dead.


 However, he is still one of the hundreds of the best singers of all time, who sold more than 75 million albums only during his lifetime.

The world best richest rappers 2015-2016

10. Akon - Fortune: $ 80 million

9. LL Cool J - Fortune: $ 100 million

8. Snoop Dogg - Fortune: $ 135 million

7. Lil Wayne - Fortune: $ 140 million

6. Ice Cube - Fortune: $ 140 million

5. Eminem - Fortune: $ 160 million

4. Master P - Fortune: $ 350 million

3. Jay-Z - Fortune: $ 560 million

2. P. Diddy - Fortune: $ 700 million

1. Dr. Dre - Fortune: $ 800 million

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