Worst Nollywood actors, who are they?

Nollywood actors. Who are the worst ones? Who can’t act well? Why do they still star in the different movies? You’ll find out the list of the worst ever Nollywood actors in this article!

Nollywood actors

There is no doubt that there are much more bad actors than good ones in the world and Nigerian movie industry. The worst thing about a lot of Nollywood actors is that they suck at interpreting roles, and always have a lot of published negative reviews. Also, some Nollywood actors and actresses think that starring in all the offered movies means that they are good at acting. Well… Not always.

The truth is, having a role in a good film or even when your movie makes over a billion naira in country cinemas, doesn’t take away such thing as bad acting.

Nollywood industry

Thanks to new PR techniques and social media and, every film can become the most watched movie in our cinemas, each one can be very popular, every movie can get a high cinema outing – all of it takes a lot of hard work of the movie cast and crew.

Recently Joke Silva told about the importance of training before an actor’s career in his honest interview for Pulse Nigeria. He said that unfortunately for them, for most of those people, who have already been working in this industry for years and who do not have training whatsoever, as the media is always there hyping them, people don’t really realize that most of them don’t even have the skills, however, they are not even willing to go back and study. And that is very sad.

Nollywood filming

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Nowadays actors should certainly study and also get acting classes, or repeat their previous classes if they have ever visited one. Unfortunately, most of Nigerian Nollywood actors usually think about movie as a place where they make money, but not a masterpiece they are creating. And this is a huge mistake, people feel it. Our list of the worst actors shows the ones that do not see their mistakes and do not correct them.

9 Worst Nollywood actors:

Worst Nollywood actors

1. Rukky Sanda

Lilian Bach

2. Lilian Bach

Tuvi James

3. Tuvi James

Emeka Ike

4. Emeka Ike

Emeka Enyiocha

5. Emeka Enyiocha

Bolanle Ninalowo

6. Bolanle Ninalowo

Lisa Omorodion

7. Lisa Omorodion

Hanks Anuku

8. Hanks Anuku

tayo faniran

9. Tayo Faniran

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