Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage who is richer and more famous?

Who is the hottest and sexiest among NIgerian singers? Find out now.

Who is the most outstanding woman in Nigerian Music industry? Who deserves to be on top? Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage are two giants. Find out new details about their private lives. Get to know how they have started!

Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage

Yemi Alade biography

Yemi Eberechi Alade was born in State of Abia. Her parents are of different origins. Thus, her mother's Igbo, while her father is Yoruba. That’s why she is very often called Yoruba-Igbo girl. She was brought up in big family and was the fifth out of seven kids. Yemi started her education in St. Saviour British Primary School and finally finished it in Lagos at Victory Grammar School. After this, she obtained her geography degree at University of Lagos.

Her career began in 2005, when she joined a girl band known as Noty Spices. However, she managed to get wider fame only in 2009, after winning Peak Talent Show. Soon after that victory, Alade recorded her first single called Fimisile (under the label Jus' Kiddin').

Then there were several other singles under various labels in 2012 and 2016 (the latest). Her debut album was recorded in 2014 and was called King of Queens. In 2015, she also won MTV African Music Award as the best female.

Yemi Alade biography

How old is Yemi Alade?

Yemi was born in 1989. Thus, she is quite young – 26 years old. However, she has already achieved a lot and even has obtained an award.

Is Yemi Alade married?

Yemi Alade bio

According to news, this beautiful woman is not in relationship now. She even claims she is quite happy being single. The fact is that her heart has been broken by a guy. The true story of it is in her song, which has leaked out on the Internet. It is called Johnny.

Nevertheless, she says she will get married, but only when it’s time. But she does not want to hurry and force things happen.

Tiwa Savage biography

Tiwa Savage biography

Tiwa was born in 1980. At 11, her family took her to London, where she finished secondary school. During studies, she started playing trombone in orchestra. She obtained her degree in Business administration at University of Kent.

When she was 16, she started singing. She tried herself as a vocalist for different artists, such as George Michael, Chaka Khan, Emma Bunton, and plenty of others. Later, she started participating in serious performances. Tiwa staged with such giants as Eminem, 50 cent, and others. She was so interested in music that she decided to obtain education at Berklee College. During studies, she kept advancing in musical career. She took part in The X Factor in 2006 (in the UK). Nevertheless, that time her talent remained unnoticed. Tiwa did not get to the final of 12. However, she didn’t surrender.

Savage signed deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing in 2009. During that time, she began songwriting. The debut album of this prominent star was released in 2013 and was known as Once Upon A Time (Tiwa started to work on it earlier in 2010 though). In 2012, she starred in Flavour Oyi Remix. Tiwa reached the top in 2010 after single Kele-Kele Love.

Nowadays she is popular not only as singer and songwriter, but also as performer and as an actress.

Is Tiwa Savage a Nigerian?

Is Tiwa Savage a Nigerian

You already know that she used to live in the UK and even completed her secondary education there. However, this woman is Nigerian. Her family originated from this country and she herself was born here.

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Is Tiwa Savage married?

Tiwa got married in 2013. Her husband’s name is Tunji Balogun. Besides, she has a child.

Is Tiwa Savage married

Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage – who is richer and better looking?

Now let’s compare these two women. Each of them is gifted and has her fans and followers. However, we may look at their incomes.

How much is Tiwa Savage worth?

Her net worth totals more than $4.8 million. She gets about N3 million per every show. Besides, she receives a lot from her endorsement deals (MTN, Pepsi, Forte Oil etc.).

tiwa savage net worth

How much is Yemi Alade worth?

Yemi Alade worth

Her income is a bit smaller. Total net worth comprises of $2 million. She is also famous for her deals, for instance, with Bacardi Breezer and Bland2Glam. She continues releasing new hit tracks, but she is not that popular as Tiwa. However, she is much younger, which makes many men like her.

What can we expect from those prominent artists? Yemi is not married yet, while Tiwa already has a child. Will the younger one find a man of her dream? And what will happen to the Tiwa’s marriage? Let’s wait and see.


According to the biography of a very talented girl, one grew up in a large family, the second in just a good, but they both have a lot in life. One sings, the beauty, the second is already married but no less talented. Already with the child. But in Yemi Aladi happiness lights up and she nayddet a worthy man of all life, she's only 26 years old, though pleased with his creativity eventually will please its fans with his marriage. I'll look forward to the news from the girls, let them all will be well.

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Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage - Nigerian singers that affect your voice. Both are very sexy, beautiful and famous. They listen to songs not only in Nigeria but also in usmu world.I love singing songs. I am not interested in their articles. Just listen to music you like. It was interesting to learn more about their lives. Find out which way they were the difficulties faced on the road to recognition.It was interesting to learn about the awards and albums, which became a hit.Wealth is not money for the artist, and the love of the public.

Answered 1 year ago.
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