Yemi Alade vs. Davido: Why are they different?

Yemi Alade vs. Davido latest news. Why are these two celebrities always compared? Why does Yemi Alade hate it? Brief interview of Yemi Alade on this issue is already here! Do not miss it!

Yemi Alade vs. Davido

There always appear different articles with different information ‘Yemi Alade vs. Davido’. People always compare them. But Yemi Alade does not really like it. She says that there is a huge difference between them two, Yemi Alade and Davido. She called Davido the kid of a moneyman. And Yemi is clearly not like him.

Yemi Alade and Davido

Yemi Alade

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Nigerian performer, whose name is Yemi Alade, is the latest pop star, who gets featured on New York’s Fader Magazine just after the likes of Davido, Wizkid and also Burna Boy.

Fader Magazine described beautiful Yemi Alade as the real ‘Queen of Afrobeats’ in that article. They asked her as someone who did not come from the rich background of, say, Davido, had it been harder for her to reach her goals.

Yemi Alade answered that whether she had had to hustle more. She added that there was a very big difference between them Davido and Yemi Alade. You could call him the kid of a moneyman. She noticed that their backgrounds were very different and definitely their expenses would differ. Davido might be looking for the most expensive car in our world to buy, while she might buy a fly car that could just get her somewhere.

Yemi Alade look

The only thing, where these two may be compared is music. If people talk about them all the time, maybe they should try to cooperate. Will we hear Yemi Alade ft Davido hit? Well, we think it would be great!

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